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Aug, 2021



“An offline nature guide in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish for all outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to its simple operation and functions, it can also be used by families on hikes and excursions without prior knowledge.” The app is a nature book in the classic style and allows identification by characteristics. This app does not contain automatic image recognition and is not a complete species collection. Tip: Try the free version „Nature Free“ before purchasing. Info: Discover and experience more than 2400 plant and animal species of Europe with more than 4000 images and 330 animal voices. Easily recognize, identify species and receive information. Contained species lists - flora : flowering plants trees and shrubs, mushrooms ferns lichens and mosses. - fauna : mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians, fishes, invertebrates. - Search filters for: fruits, traces, clutches, larvae and caterpillars. All important functions are available offline for use as a nature guide on the go. Further information can be found online. Extended version without advertising. Size 340 MB. Contained species: The app does not claim to be scientifically correct or complete and may not be used for identification between poisonous and edible respectively dangerous or non-dangerous species (See terms of use). Images and texts come from free sources (See copyrights and license terms). The use of the app is possible without providing personal data and permissions are limited to a necessary minimum (See privacy policy). Feedback, error messages or suggestions for improvement are welcome. Privacy policy, terms of use, copyrights and license terms can be found at

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