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May, 2020


May, 2020



Have you ever wanted to see a huge and imposing truck in awe-inspiring crashes? Stunt Truck Jumping has you covered! In the game you will: - Control a truck on a steep slope - Make huge jumps - Crash and cause destruction - Get upgrades that will make you better and better Stunt Truck Jumping is a jaw-dropping game of constant thrills! If you like cars, excitement and fun you will surely find something to like here.

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Alice Pyne-Jahneke on 2020-06-01
This is a fun game. The reason I gave it three stars, the problem I have with the game, there are way too many ads. Every 3 turns you get a 30-second ad, and that's a bit excessive *** UPDATE. To BoomBit, I never said that games from this genre are not fun for me. Actually, the first thing I said was that the game was fun. I gave it three stars because of the excessive ads
James Moore on 2020-06-01
Good for killing off a few minutes now and then, but only 7 levels. The ads were terrible, had to upgrade to no ads in order to play. This game gets old pretty quickly, and upgrades are too expensive compared to the amount gained per launch. Tip, don't waste time upgrading the engine too much, it doesn't seem to do anything, focus on boost and bonus.
Nathan Dahlen on 2020-06-01
This game was entertaining in the beginning, but the lack of new levels after a long time of waiting, Especially during this pandemic when entertainment is needed, is disappointing! Until the creators can be consistent with level additions, I do not reccomend this game!
Rosie Riddle on 2020-06-01
Too many ads. It gave me the option to get more rewards by watching an ad. I said no. It made me watch an ad anyway for no bonus. Fun game. Would love to play more. Uninstalling though cuz its just disrespectful to put ads in this way.
Leito Pndy on 2020-06-01
Games is very basic and requires no additional gameplay. There are basically 4 levels as of now and above that are still under development. Need lot of areas to be improved. It not my final verdict but i will review in the future too.
Chavali syam on 2020-06-01
The game was good but it felt like the game was created for the ads Hello thanks for your response i appreciate for making the game free. Just need to improve on the amount of ads in the game, else it is a great game.
Brother Rowe on 2020-06-01
No new levels, people are asking for it an there Facebook page there are no responses. I think these guys are going after there MODELING career and putting the game on the back burner.
Barry krupicka on 2020-06-01
How the hell do you go forward when I've well gone over distance with all trucks over 10 timea n still stuck on level 4 that's why only 2 stars it's good game apart from that
Howard Luebcke on 2020-06-01
Cool game but done beat all of the avail levels. Have to wait months for a new lever to be built. I wish I can have my money back. Waiting for over a month for level 8
Decky O Callaghan on 2020-06-01
You have to watch a 30 second video after every jump you do..the jump lasts about 8 seconds..what's the point..impossible to enjoy this game.

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