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Can you honestly say you love yourself? Can you say you even like yourself? Ever find yourself wondering why you struggle with relationships and how people treat you in general?? If your having to think about any of these questions then this guide is just for you!!! Self love and self acceptance is one of the most important lessons you will ever have to learn in life. Without either of qualities getting through this adventure we call life becomes a lot harder than it needs to be. The great thing about learning to truly love yourself, is just how many obvious and subtle benefits you’ll end up receiving. For a start judgemental people will no longer effect your self esteem….through some self confidence and self respect your need for any type of validation should all but disappear! Another great benefit to true acceptance is going to be in the harder times. The times we all lose a bit of hope , a bit of confidence....these are the exact times we really do have to learn to lean on ourselves. To find that true motivation to not give up, to find that inner strength & wisdom and that all come's from the ability to have TRUST in own value and our own self worth! We must learn to become our own best friends , to find that kindness and self compassion that we have for others but struggle to give to ourselves!! There is a reason personal growth is so big right is getting busier for the majority leaving less and less time to sit and check up on ourselves. Learning to love yourself might seem like luxury but if you look at the happiest people in life they all have one thing in common.... the way they see themselves! It's not that they're unaware of their faults it's because they choose to focus on the good. This isn't some great gift only bestowed on a chosen few...anyone can and should learn this for themselves. It's time to stop the inner self loathing , the negative thinking and most importantly feeding your insecurities! That's what this little self help guide is here guide you on your self improvement journey and it all begin's with self love & self acceptance. Honestly learning how to love yourself might just be the single best thing YOU ever do for!! Included In This App: - How Do You Actually Learn To Love Yourself? - Why You Need to Love Yourself Unconditionally - 21 Tips to Release Self-Neglect and Love Yourself in Action. - Overcoming the Need to Please - 4 Common Mistakes About Self-Love - How to Cultivate More Self-Compassion. - 8 Steps to Improving Your Self-Esteem. - Research-Backed Ways To Love Yourself Unconditionally --And More. Personal growth is all about breaking those walls, learning how to truly embrace yourself , to accept your humanness, your flaws and by doing so you open the door to connecting in more caring, empathic and intimate ways with others who are truly worth loving. It might take time but loving yourself WILL make you happier in the long run. You’ll end up putting more effort in to reach your goals when you appreciate your value. You’ll feel more content because you’ll treat yourself with compassion and respect, and seek out only others who will do the same. Remember this will take time, but try to practice this each day no matter how quick...imagine what you could feel like in 6 months even with a tiny bit of effort!!! The app contains: self love, how to love yourself, love yourself , how to love myself ,

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