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Jul, 2020



Balloon Fly is a flower blast collecting game which make a beautiful bouquet. This interesting game has fan which gives air to guide the balloon in opposite direction to fly and collect beautiful flowers from the sky. Player will start the game and control the fan which decide the direction of balloon in the air. Move Fan from one side to other side, which help the balloon as above as you control your balloon by fan. Flowers splash in the flower garden. Catch the special item to increase the range. Speed will increase with height of your balloon fly. Save your balloon popping otherwise you will have to start again your game and your all score will become zero. This game will help you that how to control the situation. Splash will releases your strength and makes your mind fresh. Balloon floating is the simulation of Balloon. Your Balloon pop when it hit bomb. This is not a Hot Air Balloon which can fly by itself. There is an interesting fact is that you have to control your balloon floating for collecting flower blast in the bottle to make a beautiful colorful bouquet with the fan like propeller. When balloon smash the shooter bomb it create the Splash. Control the direction for collecting beautiful flowers, you have to focus on how to move fan because Fan will allow to collect the flowers splash from the flower garden. It will fly like a Hot Air Balloon in the sky. This will refresh your mind and mood. Flowers Bouquet show it’s beauty like a spring season with wonderful blossom can create your mind out of the world. This free game moves around, saving of Balloon popping in the air by controlling with Fan for collecting or picking the blossom flowers from the sky in the bottle for making a beautiful and flower bouquet. Imagine you are doing magic with this game, Just think how a bottle can fly in the air above the sky and then with the time bottle is converting into flower bouquet by catching or collecting colorful flower blast in the sky not from the garden. Have you ever thought the blossomflowersin the sky? Splash will occur after balloon hit the bomb blast. Bomb blast is a balloon smasher when it hit balloon. This Game is not only for Adult, every age fellow can play this game like teenage, young, old, kids, men and women. Kids like colorful and beautiful blossomflowers, Teenage and Young use beautiful bouquet as gift for their friends. This game also have some bounce items like Star, which is power boosting item when you collect the stars then the collecting or picking range of flowers will increase so you can collect flowers for making beautiful bouquet from a distance also. But here come a twist which can increase your fantasy because bombs are placed in the sky, when your balloon hits the bomb then your balloon pop or blast in the sky and you will have to start again. Try to save your balloon popping due to bomb blast. Shinning stars will help you making your score high so pick the stars from the sky in the lovely air. Bombs in this game is like a bomber attack, bomberman and many other bomb game. Feature: • Beautiful visual graphics • Excellent use of color contrast • Device friendly • One player mood • Share your score via social apps • Free version Ourscope technology brings a very interesting and exciting games. Which make your valuable time in a good way with providing good games and applications. These games make your mind sharp, reactive, attentive and flexible. Keep downloading our games and application. Give us your valuable feedback.

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