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Identify birds of the British Isles with this stunning guide. All the RSPB annual survey birds are included. Garden birds, woodland birds, birds of heath and moorland, summer and winter visitors, waders and sea birds. Includes high quality images, plus songs and calls. No internet connection is needed. Bird Id is the perfect bird watching companion. Great fun to use, bird identification can be enjoyed by the whole family. Bird Id is ideal for those with an interest in birds, nature and birdwatching. Make your own bird sighting diary by adding your sightings to our map. Bird Id does not need an internet connection, all the information for birds is downloaded when the app is purchased. Bird Id is the original and the best bird identifier app. Bird Id is an easy to use identification guide created by professional published ecologists, accept no cheap imitations! Have you ever been bird watching and wondered "What kind of bird is that?". Bird Id is a great bird identifier app that helps you quickly and easily identify bird species of the British Isles. Its great fun to use too. With Bird Id, identification can be enjoyed by the whole family. For the bird enthusiast there is anatomical, ecological and taxonomic information too. Bird Id can be used to keep a log of your bird sightings making it easy to build a record of the birds you've seen. Bird Id uses propriety image and audio libraries to help make bird identification quick and easy. Isoperla apps appear in BBC Countryfile's top 10 apps, and have been described as "incredibly useful" by ITV's Seth Conway and "lovely" by Adam Vaughan of the Guardian. Isoperla field guides are the only products on the market that use the KUSAM species identification methodology. This state of the art method is a modern taxonomic keying system designed specifically for use on mobile devices and is ideal for bird identification while birdwatching. The RSPB annual survey is called the Bird Garden Birdwatch. The survey relies on accurate bird identification, bird id will help you identify these birds you see quickly and easily. We also include wading birds, summer and winter visitors and sea birds. The app is great to have to hand when bird watching. The British Isles are also known as the Anglo-celtic Isles and include the UK (Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland) and Eire. Britain or Great Britain is the name given to the mainland within the United Kingdom (the UK). The UK is the political union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, not a geographical area. The permissions needed to install the app are only used for the Google Map component and to check the licence on the Google Play store. The internet will only be used if you use the sightings map in the app. Bird Identification is quick and easy with Bird Id. If you are looking for a bird identifier for birds of the British Isles then this is the app for you.

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