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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



ChirpOMatic is the most advanced way to identify bird sounds - simply record a bird singing and ChirpOMatic will use the latest technology to identify it. This current version of ChirpOMatic USA has an emphasis on backyard birds, with an added selection of common birds from other habitats. Although the technology behind ChirpOMatic is extremely complex, we have used our expertise in app development to make the app easy to use for everyone. You don't need to read a complicated manual, trim sound files, or understand sonograms to use ChirpOMatic. When you hear a bird, quickly hold up your phone and record for 12 seconds. The app analyses the sound, and shows you the top matches. You can compare your recording with the reference samples to check the identification. All your recordings are stored on your phone so you can listen to them again or share them with friends. You can help us improve the app by sending us the sound to use in training our system. PLEASE NOTE! The app is designed to identify real live birds under natural conditions. Please don't test on pre-recorded sounds as you will not get good results. Privacy statement: The app does not store any data from your device. Recordings are analysed anonymously online and no data is stored. Recordings that you send to us by email are stored for future use in improving the app. Your email address is never shared.

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