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* Now with Town Hall 13 content: Layouts, Royal Champion and Giga Inferno! * Welcome home Clashers! Take your skills to the next level with the most complete Clash of Clans guide. Tips, strategies, and sneak peeks that will help you win more! Over 5 million Clashers can't be wrong, welcome to the House of Clashers, the best free Clash of Clans strategy guide: • ATTACK STRATEGIES AND TACTICS • Complete Clash of Clans attacks strategy guide and tips! • BEGINNER'S GUIDE • Clash of Clans essential tips and tactics quickly explained to fast evolution without gems. • BREAKING NEWS, LEAKS, SNEAK PEEKS • Real-time Clash of Clans News, Leaks, and Sneak Peeks. • CLAN WARS • Tactics to win CoC Clan Wars! • CONSTANT UPDATES • The only app updated in real-time with new CoC troops and stats. • CALCULATOR TOOL • Direct access to the best army calculator tool. • GEM GUIDE • Tactics to obtain free gems without hacks. • LAYOUTS • Directly link to download Town Halls and Builder Halls. • LOOT MATH • Find out how the loot is calculated and the best way to protect your resources on the game. • MATCHMAKING • Clash of Clans matchmaking system explained so you can take advantage and win more battles! • OBSTACLES vs. GEMS• Gem Box, Trees, Xmas, Halloween, pic, price, and gem odds. • STATS • Stats to all CoC troops and buildings. • PICTURES • Pictures to all CoC troops and buildings at all levels. • STRATEGY GUIDE • Exclusive CoC strategy guide with tactics and tips written by Legendary players! • FEATURED BY CLASH OF CLANS • On Twitter and Facebook: • TALK WITH HOUSE OF CLASHERS CREATORS • The Clashers behind this strategy guide are always ready to discuss strategies and tips on Twitter: @HouseofClashers • 100% FREE • Yes, everything free and updated, all tactics, tips, tools, strategies, gems guide without any cost. Ever! • OTHER APPS: Check out my other apps House Royale (Clash Royale Guide) and House of Boomers (Boom Beach Guide)! Disclaimer: "House of Clashers" is not an official app or affiliated/endorsed by Supercell. "Clash of Clans" game and game logos are trademarks of Supercell and this app was made according to Supercell's Fan Content Copyright Policy:

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