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NOTICE: There appears to be a problem with the app crashing on the latest versions of Android 9.0 and above on a SMALL number mobile handsets. This is particularly affecting HUAWEI and ONEPLUS mobile devices. We are currently trying to resolve this issue. If you find the app crashes when you download it you can simply request a refund direct from Google Play. We hope to have the problem rectified soon. iPLOD APP The app contains a database of UK legislation as well as aide memoires and other useful information. The designer of the App is a serving UK police officer. LEGISLATION The App contains almost 300 articles, which are split into the following categories: ★ Assault ★ Theft ★ Criminal Damage ★ Drugs ★ Public Order ★ Anti-Social Behaviour ★ Sexual Offences ★ Traffic Law ★ Firearms ★ Immigration ★ Terrorism ★ Transport/Railways ★ Police / Courts ★ Sporting Offences ★ Animals ★ Environment ★ Use of Force ★ PACE ★ Human Rights ★ Miscellaneous Offences ●● POINTS TO PROVE ●● Legislation articles include the points to prove for the offence. We have also started introducing 'Police Actions' and 'CCCJS Charging Codes' within the legislation articles. ●● AID MEMOIRES ●● Handy guides that include GOWISELY, ADVOKATE, PEACE interview model, National Decision Model (NDM), Arrest Conditions, FPN codes, PND codes and more. ●● SEARCH ●● You can search from within the App by subject and key words that will then display all the relevant articles for your search query. ●● EMAIL and PRINT ●● There is also the facility to email each article so that you can then print it off – very useful for points to prove in interviews! The App contains offences from Acts of Law that apply in England and Wales (Although many of these acts also apply in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

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