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Jul, 2020



JEE Ready is a free app that lets you test your readiness for JEE Main examination. JEE Ready offers free all India mock tests, chapter tests, part tests, which contains high-quality questions curated by experienced faculty. These tests have carefully chosen questions that are vetted for quality, difficulty, and freshness. Students can attempt these tests anytime and get a personalised report with time & strength analysis. If you are preparing for IIT JEE, this is the best no-frills app to add to your preparation. Here are some of our key features – 1.All India Mock Test based on new JEE Main 2020 pattern 2. Personalised reports with detailed analytics to identify strong and weak areas 3.Get an all India rank and compare your performance with peers 4.Free access to high-quality part tests, chapter tests, and full tests to help you prepare for JEE Main examination 5.Questions are carefully audited to ensure quality

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