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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



Gameplay is zero hassle. Time your throws carefully and try to slash multiple fruits at once to get a bonus score! Be precise and accurate - DO NOT MISS! Arrange your fingers to throw sharp knife blades carefully and try cutting several pieces at once to get a bonus score! Be agile and never give up. This gameplay is zero hassle but so crazy. Time and throw the knife carefully to slash the fruits. You try to slash multiple fruits at once to get your juice bonus score - DO NOT MISS & BE CAREFUL THE COUNTDOWN! The levels in this game are designed to excite you with immersive game-play and thundering gun sounds which will make you want to shoot more and more. Become the best shooter in the watermelon shooter game and win rewards and cash price to purchase upgrades and unlock new levels to keep the thrill going on. The aim, shoot fruits, watermelon, and be the best fruit hunter in this new fruit shoot game.

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