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Put your favorite widgets in a notification, for easy access from anywhere on your phone or tablet. Handy! Please Read ▶ This free download is a 7-day trial. After your trial period expires, there’s a one-time US$1.99 in-app purchase to continue using the app. There is no difference in functionality or features after unlocking. ▶ Due to the nature of the Android widget architecture, some delay (lag) in the user interface is unavoidable. ▶ Some widget features, such as scrolling, are not available in the notification. ▶ And a very few widgets simply don’t work at all. Please email us if you find one of these, and we’ll see what we can do. ▶ Bottom line: try the widgets you want to use before paying to end your trial period! Usage Tips • To expand the notification (and see your widgets), try either pulling down on it, or a pinch-zoom gesture. We can't expand it automatically. • If your Android 5+ lock screen will not show the expanded notification without unlocking first, it may help to turn on notification content in your phone's settings. Open your system Settings, and under Sound & Notification, set it to Show all notification content under When device is locked. • Some widgets lend themselves better than others to the space available in a notification – please use common sense. The widget content area can't get any taller than what's shown in the screenshots here. • If you're having a problem where the notification occasionally disappears, try rebooting your device. We haven't been able to reproduce this problem ourselves, but other users have reported success with this fix. If you have any trouble, please email us using the link in the app’s About screen, or at [email protected] This app is breaking new ground, and some bugs are inevitable, but you’ll have better luck getting them fixed if you email than if you just leave a comment here. Thanks!

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