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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



This app works like legendary Enigma cypher machine But you can create your own variation of it! You can edit such machine and rotor settings like: - Number of active rotors - Rotor step for each rotor - Number of rotor revolutions after which the next rotor will make its move - Choose Ring Setting for each rotor - Set the rotation order of rotors - Set Plugboard pairs - Set Wiring table for all rotors, entry wheel and reflector - Select active rotors positions - Select rotors for those positions - Select rotor order - which rotor will be in what position Yes this is complicated but, if you want really to encrypt something you need such variety of settings. If I'm right this app provides you 7.06e+1063 variants - it's 7.06 and 1063 zeros!) But I can be wrong) If you want, you can calculate

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