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Tiles gameis a slide puzzle which break the images into pieces. In this puzzle game, player select any picture from picture gallery to break and want to solve it by matching different pieces to their right place. An interesting thing of this puzzle game is that, you can select a picture from its own device. Selected picture will break into piece and you will ask to place those pieces on it’s right place by sliding tiles from one place to another in a minimum time period. Tiles game offering a very exciting and interesting puzzle for it’s Players. Which help the players to use their mind sharply. This game allows users to take right action in minimum time. Tiles game has positive psychological effect on the users. Nothing is better than this game for refreshing your mind. A slide puzzle is sorting the Tiles. The aim is to sort the pieces, using a blank slide or slot. A demo button after tap will show how to solve the puzzle is provided. You can arrange your own customized slides puzzle with nature, cartoons, buildings, colors, shapes and your own photos. You can use choose pictures from your own device and with you can use your camera to click image and use it for your puzzle and solved it after correct arrangement. From your phone’s gallery, you can pick your own photos for play. You could easily create slide puzzles with your favorite Colors, Scenes, cartoons, Actors and animals. You can use the image of wallpapers and celebrities. Tiles game - Slide Puzzle is a Pro game, which is a mind and brainstorming game for all type age fellows like children, teenage, young and adults. Tiles game - Slide Puzzle is a sliding puzzle which break the image in to different slides, Move the slides to arrange these Tiles which can be displaying a set of picture , which can be an image of flower, dogs, cats, animal, Colors, Scenes, cartoons, Actors. You have to move into the correct order, providing a very realistic gaming experience and customizable effects for hours of puzzling fun. Place the Tiles from random placement to correct place. Create and play your own slide puzzle. It´s a totally Pro game, Which Enhance your memory, creativity and brain power. Your mission is to slide the tiles to the correct position of picture. A classic sliding puzzle game is for everyone to provide a fun way to exercise your brain. The puzzle is divided into multiple squares that are messed up. The missing slide allows the puzzle pieces to be moved around one square at a time. Keep moving slide squares of the picture until you have recreated the original image. Just tap the Tiles square will move, it into the blank tile or square. This slide puzzle game is Pro game. Start with the slides pieces with hints turned on by tapping a button on the top of the screen. With the time you will improve and learn how to solve tiles square. Challenge yourself to better your times and use the least amount of moves at each for every picture puzzle. You know your mind is a most powerful thing. When you play this Game (Tiles game - Slide puzzle Pro play) it will help you with an amazing puzzles and your mind will start change and think quickly. We are providing such a game which improve your thinking level, creativity, mind enhancing, memory power, brainstorming and time usage with this Pro game. We manually added some images in our game with Best flowers, dogs, cats, animal, natural sight, Colors, Scenes, cartoons if you will play every day this Game this will definitely give Best Results for your mind. Features: • Smooth to play game • High quality resolution pictures • Add pictures from your gallery • Community support • Easy to understand • Device friendly • Restriction free Ourscope Technology brings very exciting and interesting games for our valuable users. These games not only make you refresh but also build your mind sharp and reactive for any situation. Give us your valuable reviews about our game.

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