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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



DachMoji is a dachshund emoji app that showcases our beloved dog breed in a range of funny and uniquely doxie puppy related situations with adorable faces, funny poses and more! Made by weenie dog lovers for weiner doggie lovers, and their family and friends. We have included a variety of doxie puppies as possible, and will continue adding more doggies designs to the DachMoji collection to ensure you get the most of the app. Big thanks to the contribution of Robin Eplett, a phlebotomist and a mother of 2 wiener boys, for her funny hugglebee one liners. Get your paws on DachMoji today! Please like us and message us at our Facebook page: **NOTE ABOUT OUR PRIVACY POLICY** We do not and cannot collect your personal or message data. Google requires us to show a message for you to "Allow Full Access for DachMoji Keyboard" but no data is collected. Our Privacy Policy does not allow us access to anything, your device is fully secure.

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