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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



Dark Way To Escapeis a path finding game in which you will learn to move from the dark way towards the light. In this game a light ball move through different shape of walls. Every level brings more difficulty. Interesting thing of this game is that with every level the light ball move with high speed to find a way of escape. Touch your screen to move your classic ball through different ways. Feed your shiny ball by eating a light hole to increases your score.Be careful not to touch the walls, or you will have to start again. Put your strategic mind to test that how can you escape from a dark way towards light.This game will improve your logics to solve different problems and will help you improve your reaction time. You will be able to take critical decisions sharply. You will find out that this game will help you to improve your response time to different situations. Dark Path will show you the dark side that how can you escape. Find a way to escape. In the game find a way from dumb ways and you must escape from the zigzag way home to become a dark legend. The Title of dark legend will give you after completing dark story of darkness. You must escape, while moving from zigzag and save your shiny ball from wall smash hit. If the Smash hit will occur your classic ball will lost in the darkness. Can you escape from the dumb ways to way Home. You must escape after moving shiny ball from zigzag way of light. Your way home will be shown after the darkness of these dumb ways. Roll the Ball, save hitting ball and become a dark legend. Roll the ball away from the dark way or dark side otherwise ball will face smash hit. Your Dark story started when you follow the dark path. Roll the Ball along the dark side for enlighten dark path. Complete the dark story of your classic ball. This Round ball is hitting ball, So be careful that how to control your ball. Features • One player game • Excellent Graphics • Beautiful visual design • Attractive icon • Smooth and responsive to play • Surprising Levels Ourscope Technology is trying to provide games that will help our users/players to improve their thinking and reacting abilities. We are trying to provide our users cross platform games so they can enjoy our helpful games anytime anywhere they want. So, Challenge yourself in this fun, addictive and free game..!!!!

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