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Jan, 2020



Give life to your smartphone with widgets in its best kwgt version more complete and updated ( includes 102+ widgets ) New Visually Widgets: To install the widgets follow these steps: ✅ You need to have KWGT pro installed ✅ (optional) I recommend having Nova Launcher with a grid of (5 × 5) without margins. ✅ Press your screen, select widgets, search for KWGT widgets and resize to 2 × 4 ✅ Click on it, it will open KWGT, go to the INSTALL tab, select, select your favorite and enjoy! Customize your widget with your own profile picture! ✅ enter the widget by pressing on its borders. ✅ once inside select ITEMS tab. ✅ search and press the layer with the name AVATAR. ✅ select the FX tab and press BITMAP (Pick Image) and select your gallery profile image. ✅ to finish press the SAVE icon, to save the changes and go! Replace the text with your name: ✅ enter widget. ✅ select the ITEMS tab. ✅ search and press the NAME layer. ✅ press the text VICTOR and replace by yours. ✅ press the SAVE icon and go! ⭕ Do you have errors? Is the size of the widgets too big or small? Follow these steps to solve it, it's very simple! ✅ From your screen press the widget (click on some edge of the widget). ✅ Already entered inside the widget, select the tab LAYER, under it you will find the option SCALE. ✅ In this option you can please and reduce the size of the widget, please or reduce until you get the right size. (recommended to have 100%). follow me in Twitter tag/ material design, google, io, ui, widget, material, facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, whatsapp, best, kwgt, klwp, zooper, color, facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube, instagram, whatsapp, widgets, cool, klwp, materialdesign, homescreen,

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