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RepairDesk Reports App offers users the ability to view their RepairDesk cell phone repair reports and keep themselves updated on their Sales, Inventory, Employee and Expense reports. Take your cell phone reports with you wherever you go with the RepairDesk Reports App. Our Dashboard view gives you details on the Total Sales, Tax, Discounts, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Net Profit, Total Refunds, Payments Received, Account Receivables and Total Account Receivables. The Dashboard in the RepairDesk Reports App also allows viewing Location Sales by Item Type, Location Daily Sales, Location Payment Method, Most Popular Repairs and Stock Alerts. You can filter your cell phone repair data by store, employee and date to view data on the dashboard. Reports offered by the RepairDesk Reports App are divided into 4 categories: ---------- Sales Reports ---------- Stay on top of the sales performance of your stores. View your most popular sales items and track the revenue generated through each sale. The RepairDesk Reports App gives you access to a variety of sales reports, including Sales Summary Report, Register Sales, Transaction Log, and many more. Make smarter and faster decisions with all your reports at your fingertips. ---------- Inventory Reports ---------- Worry no more about your repair store’s inventory status! With the RepairDesk Reports App, you get various inventory reports to track your inventory levels, low stock items, items in transit and parts consumed. Reports offered by the RepairDesk Reports App are, Inventory Adjustment Report, Low Stock Report, Inventory Summary, In-Transit Inventory and Part Consumption Report. ---------- Employee Reports ---------- Monitor employee performance and productivity on the go. Employee reports give you detailed views on employee activities, payroll, commission and payments to manage your employee-related issues with ease. The RepairDesk Reports App offers access to the Employee Activity Log, Employee Productivity, Employee Payroll, and much more. ---------- Expense Report ---------- View all incurred expenses with expense name, expense date, shift start and shift end, register and expense status on the basis of selected search filters with dedicated Expense Reports in the RepairDesk Reports App. Sign up for RepairDesk: For more information, visit our blog: We’d love to have your feedback: [email protected] Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @RepairDeskPOS

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