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Get an overview how often you surf or kite in the past! Your surf log & trips are created fully automatically, you just have to go to your surf spot! Share your great day on the water with all key data on Facebook, WhatsApp etc! SurfLog is suitable for windsurfing, kiting, kitesurfing, snowkiting, landboarding, surfing and can be adapted to other sports. All features marked with PRO are free for the first 30 days. After they can be reactivated via InApp purchase. Each surf trip or surf log can be provided with following details: - date, start and end time, pauses - spots: coordinate, photos, videos, preferred equipment, weather service - equipment: model, size, category, wind range, wave range, warrenty, price - weather: weather condition, air temperature - wind: speed, gust, direction from to, smartphone compass supported - waves: height, distance, direction, tide, wave type - speed (maximum and average), distance - hangtime: height, distance an duration - rating: 1-5 stars - skills - athlete - kind of sports - notes - user-defined data: text or number - photos and videos - If you have no photo of your equipment, just take one from Bing Image Search Automatic creating of surf trips (PRO, 30 days for free) If you are tired feeding your diary just let SurfLog do the work! Simply go to to your surf spot! SurfLog recognizes via GPS when you arrive at your surf spot and starts your surf trip. Knowing the current wind report, SurfLog automatically adds your surf equipment. - automatic start and stop surf session when reaching and leaving the surf spot - restriction to time of day and days of the week - standard pauses, preparation and review time - notification when creating the surf trip via ring tone, LED light and vibration - speech current weather and wind report - start, stop and pause the surf trip via notification bar - automatically adds weather, wind and equipment Weather report (PRO, 30 days for free) Weather conditions, air temperature, wind speed and direction are automatically added in your surf trip. Weather data provided by - weather conditions, air temperature, wind direction and wind speed - update manually, periodically, at app launch and surf trip creation - restriction to time of day and days of the week Wind alarm (PRO, 30 days for free) - you'll be notified automatically if the threshold is exceeded - threshold value per surfspot - Alarm for wind speed, wave height and air temperature - notification by ringtone, LED light, vibration and/or speech Statistics All your surfing trips can be evaluated according to various criteria: most often, how often, how long, which equipment, what wind and weather conditions, where All statistics can be shared with Facebook, WhatsApp etc. PRO: Print and Export (CSV, Excel) - surf sessions: Summary by year, month or week number, frequency, total time, average duration, maximum and average wind speed, wind direction - spots: frequency, total time, average duration, maximum and average wind speed, wind direction - equipment: frequency, total duration, average duration keywords: surflog, surf log, diary, windsurf, windsurfing, windsurfen, kite, kitesurfing, kitesurfen, surf, surfen, surfing, wave riding, wind, windfinder, surf session, snowkite, snowkiting, snowkiten, windskate, windskating, windskaten

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