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Aug, 2021


Aug, 2021



The famous Big Hebrew-Russian and Russian-Hebrew dictionary by Dr. Baruch Podolsky is now available for Android. Providing Hebrew-Russian and Russian-Hebrew translation of over 60,000 words, currently proved to be the most complete, wide-ranging and modern Hebrew dictionary for Russian speakers. Features: * Nikud in Hebrew words. * Accent emphasis in Hebrew and Russian words (if no emphasis - accent is on last vowel). * Russian transcription for Hebrew words. * Russian search. * Hebrew search. * Transcription search (using Russian letters + "h" for representing Hebrew sounds). * Search history (last 40 entries). * Favorite words collection (100 entries). * Automatic language detection and translation mode selection. * Partial word match when selecting "Done" from keyboard. * Previous/next translation preview. * Font size change (pinch-to-zoom and menu selector) on translation screen. * Reaction on Search button long press. * Multiple word copying options. * Sharing translation screens. * Several options, including disabling, for animating screen changes.

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