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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



Meet Freya, your virtual birth partner from The Positive Birth Company! Freya will coach you through every single surge with a simple breathing technique and easy visualisation. She will help you relax between surges with a mix of guided meditation, positive affirmations, gentle music and calming visualisations. Freya makes it easy for you to keep track of your surges and you can visit the log at any point to see how frequently your surges are coming and how long they are lasting. Freya will also let you know when your labour is established and when it might be a good time to contact your midwife. You will never birth alone with Freya by your side. In hypnobirthing we refer to contractions as surges partly because it sounds nicer but also because ‘surge’ more accurately describes the sensation you’ll experience when in labour. Freya is the ONLY hypnobirthing-friendly contraction timer on the play store, designed specifically with hypnobirthing mums in mind - using appropriate terminology - but can be used by all. You can also use Freya in pregnancy to help you relax and prepare for your birth. In fact the more you listen to the guided relaxations and positive affirmations, the more familiar they will become and the more effective the audio will be at helping you relax when it comes to birth. Positive affirmations have been proven to change the way your mind works and listening regularly will help you feel less anxious and more confident in the lead up to birth. And the more relaxed you are during birth, the more oxytocin you will produce which helps your uterus to work efficiently, making labour faster and more comfortable. You can also use Freya post-birth any time you feel you could benefit from taking some deep breaths or need some help finding your zen. Parenting can be hard but you’ve got Freya; she’s your friend for life! In fact everything you learn through using Freya - mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, the benefits of taking time out - are skills for life. If you have any questions or spot any pesky bugs lurking about the place (!) please do let us know at [email protected] WHAT YOU’LL GET: • A timer to record your surges (also known as a contraction timer) • Coaching audio to keep your mind focused on breathing through each surge • A gentle expanding visualisation which you can use to breathe in sync with • A detailed log of your surges over time, so you can track your progress through labour • Ability to easily share the log with your birth partner, midwife or doula • Guided relaxations, positive affirmations and soothing visuals to help keep you calm and relaxed, making birth easier, quicker and more straightforward (can also be used in pregnancy and postnatally) • Option to share your birth story with a personalised birth announcement • Coaching created by renowned hypnobirthing expert Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company • You can skip, reorder and even remove tracks from the guided relaxation playlist, so you listen to what you want, when you want. What’s more if things begin to feel a little repetitive you can listen to your own playlist on a third party app (such a Spotify) whilst still using the Freya app to keep track of your surges and coach you through each one. • You can switch between the 4-8 breathing pattern and the more manageable 3-6. You can also turn off the counting altogether if you prefer. Download the ONLY hypnobirthing-friendly contraction timer on the play store and prepare to meet your baby in the best possible way, feeling calm and confident, relaxed and happy!

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Annie Begg on 2020-03-29
I used this app whilst I was in labour with my son and it was amazing. It was simple to use and it was really useful when it told me I was in established labour and it was time to call the hospital. I loved having the MP3s playing and I used this for my entire labour. The breathing counter to help you with your up breathing was extremely useful and helped me focus on my breathing during my contractions. I'd really recommend this app to any couple who are expecting.
Hannah Lee on 2020-03-29
I used this during my recent pregnancy and birth and really loved it. I found the affirmations really calming and used it to go to sleep whilst pregnant. I also really appreciated the fact it told me when labour was established, saved debating with my husband between contractions whether I was or not! There's so many excellent features on this, they've really considered everything. Would definitely recommend it.
Kelly Brunton on 2020-03-29
Having completed the PBC digital pack I was excited to download this app.. I genuinely think this app is the reason I managed as well as I did. I got to 6cm at home before going to the hospital and felt calm and in control.. I then only needed gas and air as the up breathing was so helpful with the pain of contractions. Cannot recommend this and the PBC digital pack enough!
Mayah Ekse on 2020-03-29
The app first worked when I downloaded it. Now it just crashes upon starting. I tried to uninstall and re-download, but didn't work. Really bummed.
Vieve Crete on 2020-03-29
App won't load/open. What a waste of $5...
Rebecca Ellis on 2020-03-29
Wow. Thus app is stunningly superb!!
Steph Korff on 2020-03-29
Wow this is app is just amazing

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