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Jan, 2020



Each person has a Very Important Dates (VID), which are of great importance in his life. The main such date - birthday. Schools, institutes graduation, children's or parents’ birthdays, for pet lovers - the birthday of the beloved pet and so on... Do you remember what emotions you felt when the person, whom you hadn’t seen for a long time, congratulated you with your Birthday? You are pleased, you are imbued with a greater warmth to this person. Congratulating people with their very important dates, you get their extra liking, trust and appreciation. VIDates will help you! App features: - The application has an interactive informative 4x1 widget. (view sequence, when you click on the photo, called "Information on contact") - Uses data from the contact list on your phone and sync your account - The app allows you to sync birthdays (even if not years) and contact data of friends from a social network "Facebook", "VKontakte" and "Odnoklassniki". !!! Attention !!! The data of the friends from Facebook will be available only for friends who have also installed the app and logged in to Facebook. - Keeps your recorded information about people directly in the application (for example, a newborn nephew birthday) - Dates for the events can be installed without the year (for example, "March 3") - You can assign to contact an unlimited number of events - Arranges events in a chronological order with the information about the contact, event name, date, anniversary, the number of days before the event - Allows you to contact the person in case of the contact information availability - Allows you to contact the person in the presence of contact information. For friends from social can post a message. - You can set the default reminder for all events. Automatically set to "On the same day at 12 o'clock." - Allows you to turn on a reminder for each event. The reminder can be set for any time and any frequency (up to an hour). Reminder's message appears in the status bar and as a popup window (have to be turned on in the settings) - Can be shown zodiac sign, if the function is not disabled in the settings - Interface in English, German, Spanish and Russian languages IMPORTANT! you must give the application the "Run at startup" and " Background restriction" rights to work correctly for the application and the widget. Please write what features You want to see in the application.

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