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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Worried about using this with GC? Fear no more! Use the following guide (link also available in-app) to continue to use Caddie! Always hit the green when it's windy with Caddie Clash: Wind Guide/Calculator for Golf Games! ⛳ This app helps you make more accurate shots accounting for wind, course elevation, shot distance, ball type and club type! Elevation, Grid Overlay and Rotation/Landscape Mode! Want to adjust for elevation? ⛰️Want an overlay grid for greater accuracy? Want to go into landscape mode to get greater curl? That's all possible with Caddie! Caddie is your very own on-screen notebook No need to carry those paper wind charts any more! ️ This in-game wind guide/calculator will help you hit the most accurate shots using Wind Entry Mode! Simply enter the wind speed and get the exact number of rings to move for your clubs Caddie runs over the top while you play keeping your clubs wind stats close at hand through a floating icon Set your clubs and bags up before or during a game! And when you come back to the list all your clubs and bags will still be there just as you left them Don't need Caddie running any more? Then simply close it through the stop button or from the notification! ⏹️ Caddie features include: • Wind Entry Mode!: Get the exact number of rings to move based on the wind speed without ever leaving the game! • Club Wind Per Ring: See club wind per ring values for all clubs and all levels • Club Min, Mid and Max Values: See the min, mid, max distance wind per ring for all clubs • Save Multiple Bags!: Add multiple bags for all your different tour or account needs • Elevation Adjuster: Use the in game elevation adjuster to factor in course elevation and increase the accuracy of the WPR calculations • Grid Overlay: Make even more accurate shots by turning on the Grid Overlay • Rotation/Landscape mode: Enable landscape mode in-game to make even more crazy curling shots • Settings: Want to force the game into landscape? Want to change the grid from red to blue? Do that with the options menu! • Customisable WPR calculations!: Don't like Caddie's min, mid and max calculations? Then customise them to your liking, for EACH bag! • Movable Icon: Move the floating icon wherever you want while playing! Got any questions? Email: [email protected]

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