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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Dr.eye 譯典通是一款為Android使用者設計開發的翻譯學習軟體,是您隨身攜帶的英語學習好助手。它包含內容豐富的英漢漢英辭典和權威授權的簡明牛津英語詞典(英英),具有單字查詢、單字背誦、最新查詢、雲端新聞等功能,支援中英文詞彙和例句發音。 功能說明 1. 豐富辭典內容隨心查:除了可以查詢內建的英漢漢英辭典和簡明牛津英語詞典(英英)外,更可以使用Dr.eye線上辭典查詢更多辭典內容。 2. 簡單字義即時知:詞彙清單中不但列出關鍵字,並提供各關鍵字簡單字義,無需查詢即可知道相關單字基本解釋。 3. 詞彙例句發音時時聽:只需輕輕點選發音圖示,即可聆聽查詢詞彙或例句發音,提高聽說能力。 4. 中英文生字輕鬆學:除了可學習預設的國小和國中分級英語單字外,更可根據個人需求自訂生字筆記,隨時隨地進行學習。 5. 查詢記錄自動存:近期查詢記錄自動儲存,再次查詢更便捷。 6. 英文新聞天天讀:閱讀精彩英文新聞,瞭解時事動態同時提高英文閱讀能力。 Dr.eye is a piece of translation and language learning software designed for Android. It includes a content-abundant English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary and an authoritative English-English dictionary - Concise Oxford English Dictionary. It also offers many advanced and practical functions, such as Dictionary, Word Note, Reciter, Latest Search, Cloud News., and supports pronunciations for English and Chinese words and examples. Features: 1. Considerable Dictionary Database: Besides two dictionaries built in the application, you can also look up words in Dr.eye Online Dictionary. 2. Simple Definitions Preview: You can preview the word simple definitions in the headword list. 3. Intelligent English and Chinese TTS Engines: You can the Pronounce icon to listen to the pronunciation of a headword or example. 4. Customized Word Learning: You can recite the built-in English words on primary and junior secondary levels in Reciter. Besides, you can add the searched words into Word Note on your need so that you can memorize them anytime and anywhere. 5. Automatic-saved Search History: Words that you looked up recently will be saved to Latest Search automatically. 6. Latest English News: You can improve your English reading ability by reading English news every day.

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