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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Flashlight - Torch Led is a totally free application that turns your Smartphone into a super flashlight quickly and efficiently. The application uses the Flash of your Smartphone to be able to lighten up what you need. The application has a Strobe function that makes the led light of your phone blink very fast. This app is an indispensable tool in your day to day, with this application you will always be accompanied by a super and powerful flashlight in your pocket. This Torchlight has a sophisticated design making your phone even more beautiful. Avoid using the old candle and use the new Flashlight - torch led app. Is simple, beautiful, fast and brightness. You can use this application to: - During the night - Walking in a dark place - Read a Book in the Dark - When the light ends at home - Light your way - During a party with the strobe function Main features: - Low phone space - Strobe frequency adjustment - Front brightness adjustment - Works with locked screen - Low battery consumption. - Hd Interface - Available for various smartphone models - Totally free Fast and efficient to get you out of the dark. Install Flashlight - torch led on your phone and enjoy this free app.

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DREAM team on 2020-02-19
Wow......this app is out of this world instantly switch on if the current goes off......this flashlight app is like a magnifying glass can see very small things through this it if u have lost something and can't find
Kelsie Archibald on 2020-02-19
It's pretty good. First hour it stayed on no problem but now when I'm locking the phone or if the screen starts darkening on its own, or when plugging in it is shutting off. Still very decent. Just want it to be consistent.
Abdool Hack on 2020-02-19
The flashlight is working well, this is the first time I've downloaded a flashlight, it has a flashing lights for emergency operation for when you get a break down on the road with your vehicle
Robert Walker on 2020-02-19
Love an app that allows me to see at night when I drop something on the ground in the dark.wish I had this app 20years ago
Timothy Luciano on 2020-02-19
Thanks it works perfect on my phone. I have been looking for this for so long. Am glad now i get what i need. Thank you
Jakevlogsandgames on 2020-02-19
Does not let me use the actual flashlight on my new tablet Says no flashlight detected I'm like IT HAS 1 Z
Lukhanyo Ovayo on 2020-02-19
It doesnt worke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i hate it you pig
Bobbi Bowman on 2020-02-19
I'm using it during my move packing because I accidentally put my flashlight on the van. Tx
Tvst Tpassword on 2020-02-19
advice you need to be a bit of a new window. the most of the most of the most of the most
Kwadwo Mensah Francis on 2020-02-19
Wonderful app, no trace of darkness when throw its beam. Keep inspire our generation

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