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Ghost Hunter Tools brings together a pro range of tools and detectors to help you detect, capture, document and share paranormal encounters! An overview of the Ghost Hunting Features include : *EVP Recorder - with optional dynamic white noise and tone frequency generators *EMF Scanner/Detector - to detect electromagnetic fluctuations , Haptic feedback *Three Cameras types - EMF , Burst and Single Shot Camera *Image Filtering - Brightness, Darkness ,Sepia , Vignette and others *Image Sharing - via Facebook , Twitter , Whatsapp , Email and other medium *Audio Sharing - via Whatsapp , Email and others *Investigation Journal used as a record to store text and audio content of your encounters *Flashlight The EVP recorder can capture up to 15 minutes of audio in one session.The recorder also has built in functionality to generate white noise and control the white noise volume and amplitude . The EVP recorder also has a tone generator, which can be directed to play a pulsing or constant tone at range of frequencies. Ghost Hunter Tools EMF Scanner detects fluctuations in the magnetic field, along with a graph and visual color bar to highlight where paranormal or spiritual energy may be happening. Ghost Hunter Tools employs 3 camera tools. Its EMF camera is used to automatically take a burst of shots when electromagnetism levels are detected over a baseline and threshold, set by the user. Its Burst camera can be set to take up to 20 shots and at the click of the button those shots will be take in quick succession. Its Single shot camera works much like a normal camera on your phone however, it is useful for capturing specific imagery. All cameras have the ability, (if the device allows) to set the Flash to Off, On ,Automatic and Torch modes. Ghost Hunter Tools has a journal feature that allows the user to store an ongoing diary during an investigation or Ghost Hunt. The journal allows the user to input records as text or as an audio Entry. Each journal entry can also be given a date , location , title , and coordinates via GPS. Each Ghost Hunter Tools investigation stores audio and photographic evidence within an "evidence collection" . This works as a repository where important evidence can be stored . Every piece of evidence can be tagged with a note which may point out important characteristics of the evidence or perhaps where in a ghost hunt the evidence was captured. Images and Audio can also be shared with other people through a range of mediums such as Facebook , Twitter , Email ECT Photos can also be filtered before they are stored as evidence. This is useful for bringing out imagery from the photograph which couldn't be seen at the time of taking. We are currently developing new features for the such as : *Improved EVP analysis *Camera Color Filters *Pink / Brown noise generation If you have any suggestions or features you would like to see please get in contact If you have any problems with the app please send us an Email and we will try our hardest to fix it for you. Good luck and happy hunting

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