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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

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austin buddwell on 2020-02-25
It is a fun addicting game. Some levals are challenging. The only thing i would change is that i'm on leval 385 and all the challanges are done. There needs to be more stuff to avoid. Make more challanges ( like skip 3 then bounce for the whole time.) I dont think the prizes should just be balls or objects. mabye add like power ups like tge green arrow but the color is differnt. Mabye the power ups should be like it goes really fast, or there is bad ones like it majes it slower.
Youngdurt Vuxvuz on 2020-02-25
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Shamala Perumbuduru on 2020-02-25
This game is very useful while we are bored. But sometimes we feel hard but you download it . It is a really a perfect game when your bored and not getting to do timepass. Make sure to play this game. You will have fun. And play with some concentration. You will have soo.. much fun. Make sure to download it, if you are bored it usefull to you. Thank you for seeing my revue.
Cory Malcolm on 2020-02-25
It is a fun game but sometimes when you make a move it does not know you did a move so you lose the game and have to start over back to the beginning of the level I'm on level 48 see if you can beat my high score witch is 52352 I hope you can be my level and high score! If you are down here you are a hacker!!!!!
Angel Duplessis on 2020-02-25
Helix jump used to be fun. Now it sucks due the fact they changed how the scores. There's no way to beat your high score unless you're on the tower that you fall straight down. I don't play anymore!!! I loved the game before though. That's the only game my family and I played. We competed against each other.
I loved this game ALOOOTTT before the update but when the update came it became really really baaddd , like when you finished at one level you will go back to zero points unlike the old version that you continue ur points until your dead very bad update i dont like it
Julia Okoń vel Terkaska on 2020-02-25
This game deserves a 5 star because it's so much fun. When I played it i really had to concentrate and when I got passed the level it was like almost every thing to me.PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME trust me it's amazing ☺.
Lacey Joy on 2020-02-25
This game was awesome. Now after the recent update, it won't work. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, turning on and off my phone and it's not my phone. The app is just a POS.
Ghost Child on 2020-02-25
You barely touch the obstacles on this game and you somehow die. I wish I could rate this game 0 stars. Not worth my time playing this game at all.
Bella Boo on 2020-02-25
When ever I fail and click start where I fell from, I watch the ad but nothing happens. Also, speaking of ads, there are way too many.

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