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"Always Something New" One Stop shopping platform serves every aspect of your daily lives * Over 500 overseas & local brands and stores * Beyond 600k products including direct Japan & Korea imported Fashion and Accessories, Food and Grocery, Beauty & Health, Household & Lifestyle, Electronics, Baby & Kid, etc. * Free Hong Kong delivery for orders upon a specific amount, service hours till 9pm to fit your busy schedule (Please refer to App for free-delivery order requirements) * Special promotions and exclusive discount offers

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Rio Wong on 2020-02-21
Out of stock wordings are not shown individually in the product searched list which is totally a waste of time to use the app! Very annoying opening full-screen ad discourages me to load it. Badly designated search engine often produces many unrelated products stupidly.
Alex Lee on 2020-02-21
I am a VIP member but I may stop using hktvmall from now on. System is constantly clogged in past 2 weeks. Checking out takes forever, and usually results in some items in my basket becoming out of stock.
Felix Mak on 2020-02-21
Poorly design, snell like response, horrible search engine hardly show up what you're looking for.
Theresa S. on 2020-02-21
Doesn't show the saved favourite lists... must restart the app to view them
Teddy Iu on 2020-02-21
The app might be good but back end is poor, errors during busy hours
Eddy Yip on 2020-02-21
Can't find and launch the AI assistant which is on iOS version
John Ho on 2020-02-21
Lam Yip Ming on 2020-02-21
Walter W. on 2020-02-21
Rooted phone cannot use
Jas Dero on 2020-02-21

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