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Jan, 2020



Hue Wave is a Philips Hue Entertainment music app which creates beautiful, real time audio visualizations. It is highly customizable and supports up to 10 lights simultaneously! Simply play music in ANY music app like Spotify and let Hue Wave do the rest. You NEED a square-shaped bridge to use this app! Key Features: ★ Create up to 30 custom profiles or modify the 10 preset profiles ★ 3 Modes (Multi/Wave/Flow) that can each be activated and combined to create the most dynamic looking Hue effects to date ★ Multi Mode allows you to tinker with each light individually, instead of changing the whole setup's colors ★ Wave Mode lets an impulse of light rush through your system. You can change the speed, impact (number of affected light) and wave form ★ Flow Mode smoothly changes the colors according to a set speed ★ Hue Wave fully utilizes the Philips Hue Entertainment capability to create an ultra-low latency communication link between phone and hue bridge ★ Hue Wave can run even when your phone is put into sleep mode. So start a music playlist together with Hue Wave and enjoy your time without having to use your phone ★ Split the music apart with the frequency slider. You can assign individual lights to specific parts of the audio spectrum for even more intriguing effects ★ 2 visualization methods (phone output/microphone) that can be toggled with ease Hue Wave works best when your phone's audio setting is at least at over 70% max volume. You should be able to adjust your setup's volume level directly on your speaker. Keeping the android audio level high results in much better looking light shows. If you don't see all of your bulbs on the list make sure to check the entertainment areas in the official Hue app (last tab) or change the area within Hue Wave. Lastly, just play around with it! It's a super robust system that is meant to be experimented with. Enjoying your favorite tunes while seeing your lights reacting individually is unlike anything you've seen before.

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