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iBird’s luxury features distinguish it from all other birding apps on the market. For example, unlike all other birding apps, iBird offers both illustrations and photographs for every species. The beauty of drawings is that an illustrator can emphasize the important identification markings of the bird family, something photographs can’t do. Photographs, however, let you see how the species looks in real life, and so iBird contains multiple photos for each species of bird. Usually the male, female, juvenile and subspecies are included, assuming they are available and meaningful. Unlike other apps, every species in iBird contains a detailed field marks layer. This important layer can be turned on or off to highlight the important identification characteristics of the bird. Furthermore, every illustration in iBird is a high-resolution composite HDR drawing of the species in its natural environment. This drawing can also be printed out and framed. Additionally, iBird contains more bird song and call vocalizations than any other app (over 4,000). Perhaps the most unique feature to iBird is its comprehensive birding search engine that can turn anyone into an expert birder. It comes with over 35 characteristics that can be searched (such as body color, location, bill shape, etc.). There is also a cool AI-based photo recognition feature -- iBird Photo Sleuth -- available as a low-cost in-app purchase. Sleuth can identify a bird from any photograph, even poor photos taken with your smartphone or tablet. The iBird Pro field guide for Android has all of these features plus more than can’t be listed here. As a powerful guide to all species of birds of North America, it is all you’ll ever need in a field guide. For these reasons, iBird is one of the most popular apps for teaching ornithology, whether you’re an experienced birder or a novice. From well-known birds to exotic rare species, iBird works like magic, revealing a list of birds that perfectly matches your search choices. With over 1 million downloads, iBird is the standard by which all birding apps are measured. This new version of iBird Pro has brought the species names and family categorizations into compliance with the 2018 American Ornithological Union standard. Additional changes include a new Share feature that lets you share the contents of a species page using any Google share app, including email, Facebook, twitter, etc. We also fixed the Size search menu, so it is properly ordered from Very Small to Very Large. We have continued to update many of our illustrations to high-resolution composites that include the male, female, juvenile, sub-species, etc. To see the most recent additions, go to the Illustration Update search attribute (at the bottom of the Search menu) and select 10.01 to view the 42 new species illustrations. The value 10.02 shows 13 new species illustrations and 10.03 shows 16 special owls of Mexico and Central America (if you purchased the Mexican Owls in-app purchase (IAP). iBird Pro now offers the Birds Around Me feature that lets you narrow species to just those in a radius surrounding your GPS location. iBird now uses Google Play so that the app and database are combined into a single file. Once you have installed the app and database to your device’s internal memory, you can move the database to your SD Card using the Move Database feature found on the More menu. Additional Features ■ See all the changes to iBird at ■ iBird database contains all content, so no WiFi or cellular access is required to use it in the field. ■ iBird offers a Cloud Sync backup of Favorites and Notes ■ Keep up with the latest news and other iBird users by joining the iBird fan page on Facebook

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A Google user on 2020-01-28
Updated review: dropped the rating. The app has problems with initial startup at least 50% of the time where it gets stuck on first screen and I have to close app and start again. I contacted support to verify if the app is compatible with the newly released Android 10 OS. 3 wks later they respond saying they have no reports of compatibility issues with iOS 10... Ugh! That's not what I asked! Get the free Audubon app that's better. Original review: good app. use Favorites to keep my life list
Josh Levinson on 2020-01-28
A great app overall, that I was happy with for years. But recently there has been a persistent problem where I haven't been able to download the database. I've reached out to the devs a couple of times, but they don't seem very interested in coming up with a solution. I suspect the problem has to do with compatibility with Android Pie. They gave some vague response that there will be an update soon, which *may* fix the problem, but it's been a long time since they put out an update.
Georgia Bosse on 2020-01-28
I have really loved this app since 2012, but could not make enough space on my Samsung 5 to download the latest version. Now that I have upgraded to a phone with more memory and 5G speed, I am loving this app again. Lots of real pictures of birds in various ages and genders, plus bird song recodings and range maps make identification easier. I like the information about habits and habitats plus the ability to search using this info. I also can search by eco groups and similar birds.
J G on 2020-01-28
Paid for an upgrade which turned out to be a joke. Update: I expected the paid app to show the locations of birds others have spotted like on the Audobon's app. This app just says how many birds have been spotted within a selectable radius. Does me little good if I don't know where they were spotted in. Thanks for the response.
David Eaton on 2020-01-28
This is by far the best app for North American bird lovers. You can search for or identify birds by over 30 different criteria. I have personally identified over 60 species without leaving my porch. I don't know what I would do without it.
Wendy Hill on 2020-01-28
My "go to" bird ID app. Love the drawn images AND photos. Very user-friendly...especially the fact that you don't need the precise spelling and hyphenation in the search option. Thanks!
A Google user on 2020-01-28
This is a great app. One improvement it really needs is to be able to search for birds using their bird banding codes. This would be so much easier and quicker.
Ricky Rodriguez on 2020-01-28
very detailed information. range maps are clear and sizable. I really enjoy the similar feature. It is a huge help.
A Google user on 2020-01-28
Best bird app. Ihave had ot on my phones and tablets for 3-4 years use it almost day
A Google user on 2020-01-28
Love it. This is a most wonderful and useful app for the west coast.

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