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Jan, 2020



All karaoke songs in the world Share songs, photos, websites, comments or status you want to your friends as a social network app. FEATURES ★ Voice recording with high quality ★ Sound effects like karaoke room ★ Edit vocals before and after recording like studio ★ Turn on microphone and you can hear your voice ★ Real time audio effects: echo, reverb, bass, mid, treble ★ Improve your vocal tone SOCIAL NETWORK ★ Find and make friends you like ★ Follow your idols ★ Share songs, photos, website, comments or status on your page ★ Create posts on personal or idol page ★ Send messages to your friends wherever you are ★ Download the songs, photos of the idols you love ★ Rank by top songs, top karaoke, top singers, top comments, top photos ★ Get notifications when someone like, comment your posts Fast, convenient, easy to use, The easiest way to sing better if you think you have bad singing voice, Enjoy!

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