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Octopus Card Services – for all your transport and retail payment needs Top up your Octopus cards • You can now top up your Octopus cards anytime, anywhere with money in your O! ePay account, or from your bank account through the Faster Payment System (FPS). Check the remaining value and spending records of your Octopus • See how much you have left on your cards, check the latest spending records and past 3-month spending records with a summary by categories. Collect Public Transport Fare Subsidies • View your public transport expenses, the result of registering for designated transport tickets, and collect the monthly subsidies with just a few clicks! Buy bus and ferry monthly passes and pay bills online • You can buy KMB and First Ferry monthly passes, pay bills and more! O! ePay Account Services – for managing your other daily expense needs Transfer money from your bank account • Sign up for FPS eDDA to instantly transfer money from your bank account into O! ePay, your everyday, multi-functional digital wallet, with which you can top your Octopus cards, plus: Shop globally at online merchants accepting Mastercard • Instantly get an O! ePay Mastercard, to enjoy the freedom of global online shopping, and remain in control of your online spending with the card’s prepaid nature and other safety and security features; Make person-to-person payments with ease • Pay friends and family members by just using their mobile numbers. Likewise, get paid by just letting them know your mobile number after you register for FPS Addressing Service; and Enjoy fabulous offers • Find special deals and download eCoupons. For more details, please visit Licence Number: SVF0001

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