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Description qr code reader and scanner / Barcode scanner / Barcode reader / QR code scanner free app is the lightning QR scanner app extreme for Android in the Google play store to scan QR code for Android device. Key features of QR code reader / QR code scanner for android • free extreme QR code reader app • free lightning QR code scanner app. • free Barcode scanner app • free Barcode reader app Simple user guide as following: To scan the QR code / Barcode , simply open the QR code scanner / Barcode scanner app free, align the code. QR scanner / Barcode scanner app free will automatically recognize any QR code. To scan QR code / flashcode, if the code contains a URL, you can open browser to the site by press browser button . If the code contains only text, you can instantly see. Scan QR code for below types : EQS 、 qrcode Data Matrix、Quick Code、EAN8、Code39、 Code128 、 Barcode , flashcode

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Komal Ramchandani on 2020-02-22
Easy for all ur gadgets.. Instead of typing d long numbers just scan d barcode n ur done with ur internet connection which is indicated behind ur router
Chris Hixson on 2020-02-22
I had to click through 4 ads before i could even start using the app. Not nearly as easy to use as other QR readers.
Chonda Turner-Carney on 2020-02-22
Needed a QR reader quick. Simple to use and function properly the first time. Thank you!!
Muhammad Waqas on 2020-02-22
Good app. So far every QR Barcode scanned was successfully searched.
John Neblett on 2020-02-22
It won't scan the QR code it's biased to pick up text.
Vesselin Gardev on 2020-02-22
Excellent. Reads black and white, plus color QR codes.
sasidharan vallampurath on 2020-02-22
Very useful application. Thanks to the developers.
v Agrawal on 2020-02-22
Totally Garbage... Only ads.. fake details...
Ologu Robert-Leonard on 2020-02-22
Good app for testing your QR code generator
DARKH0BBIT on 2020-02-22
Remove the intrusive ads to get a 5 star

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