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Jan, 2020



Welcome to Tagged! Tagged is the #1 place to link up with new people, chill and play games with over 300 Million other users! So, what makes us different from other apps? On Tagged, we KEEP IT REAL . You can do YOU and be accepted for who you are. No need to change your personality on here, you’re already ⚡LIT⚡! The question is, are you ready?! DOWNLOAD NOW and join our Fam ASAP! With a single swipe of the thumb you can: - Watch a Live stream, or start your own! - Make a quick connection with ladies and guys nearby - Match with people just like you, thanks to our algorithm - Compete in our addictive game, PETS - Chat with new friends We look out for you too! - We take your privacy very seriously. Your exact location and personal information will NEVER be given without your permission. YOU decide if, when, and how you want to connect.

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Scetra thomas on 2020-02-29
I've been a Tagged member for over 15 years on and off I have met some really nice guys on here I've had several relationships. But now all you find is SCAMMERS and more SCAMMERS I whole bunch of young people and a lot of foreigners Tagged use to be fun but now all you find is someone looking for a booty call Tagged used to be for adults but now all you find is a bunch of children on here and SCAMMERS I have friends on here that's been on here a long time also they're talking about closing.
T.O.P Syndicate on 2020-02-29
Tagged used to be as good as Facebook now it's pure @ss! And bring back more stuff to do with the coins besides stupid pets like making yourself top pick in match me, and for the love of God DO SOMETHING WITH THESE FAKE ASS PROFILES!
The Rugbyguy on 2020-02-29
Older versions was much better , now with all the ads etc the app freezes unable to use it. Even updating the app doesnt work. Better to use there website from a pc. I am now unstalling this app unable to use it on my smart phone.
VセMアエRセタBエセY- on 2020-02-29
Mantap bossku ,bossmu ,bosskau ,bossdia ,boss bapak ahh, mata putehhh,terowong menora,ini semua pundekkk....HAHAHAHA MEROYAN P LA KALUT PASAIPA BUTO TAI LU
James Sims on 2020-02-29
I just download the app and I seen a lot of good-looking females on it and I had positive attitude so I enjoyed it and so I decided to keep the app
Aldrey Canales on 2020-02-29
I am a first time to used this apps im sure its a good for me because some people to see in the other pleace while to much people to meet him
Gharib Nawaz on 2020-02-29
I am member this site since 10 years and find a good site for making new friends across the boundaries.
Sunil Gautam on 2020-02-29
Mother fu cking useless app none of the girls or boys will you ...i prefer not to use this app.
stephanie nepomuceno on 2020-02-29
i hope all indians turkeys egyptians arabs should not be here..they do pornography
Dodie Lawrence on 2020-02-29
Now its stuck on the take the pledge test. I can clear 1and 2 ,then it freezes up.

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