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Feb, 2021


Feb, 2021



Have you ever wanted to see a huge and imposing truck in awe-inspiring crashes? Stunt Truck Jumping has you covered! In the game you will: - Control a truck on a steep slope - Make huge jumps - Crash and cause destruction - Get upgrades that will make you better and better Stunt Truck Jumping is a jaw-dropping game of constant thrills! If you like cars, excitement and fun you will surely find something to like here.

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kavithavenkatesh Boga on 2021-03-03
hii ajkajqvqka the have been trying for the first time in my opinion the same time I have to do it is 21st century the same time as the other 6y6guy the same time as a 2nd year and a few minutes walk away from home today and tomorrow morning and afternoon tea or not, but the 8 car hire deals instantly no matter 2nd year and the lemmings cartoon character and the lemmings cartoon character and charm and I am sure you will be a bit of the day and night in a few weeks ago and the other side, but th
Rama Rao on 2021-03-03
Good game. Like 1st 2nd levels . possible development needs remaining levels. Something borrowed.
Allen Wolfe on 2021-03-03
Sucks cause they don't have all the levels built yet I'm ready to uninstall their game
Hannah Swiftwalker on 2021-03-03
This is such a fun game i just wish there like little extra mini games
Christopher Hill on 2021-03-03
How long before an update for new jump? Or easier to just delete?
BJ BOLT on 2021-03-03
It's ok, kills time but got to many ads
Stephen Brierley on 2021-03-03
Best game I have played.
David Brearley on 2021-03-03
Fun game good graphics
Steven Tembo on 2021-03-03
I what to drive
Tommy Tope on 2021-03-03
Awesome game.

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