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Alipay is a super app designed to offer a bouquet of services to bring convenience into your everyday life. Trusted by 450 million users, Alipay’s offerings span from allowing its users to make payments (send, receive, and spend money with ease), manage finances, choose a suitable insurance scheme, hail a cab or even order in from a favorite restaurant. Visit us on YOU ARE ONLY A ‘TOUCH’ AWAY- 1. Send/Receive money from your peers 2. Transfer money to friends or split the bill at your favorite restaurant 3. Card free payment at millions of merchants 4. Top up your mobile phone and pay your utility bills 5. Place and track orders in Taobao and TMall 5. Order food from local restaurants or book a taxi 6. Manage your money with wealth management products 7. Free off-site cross-bank transfer / credit card repayment and loans 8. Scan & Pay – Scan & use the QR code to pay at your local stores 9. Book Air/Rail/Movie Tickets, at ease 10. Enjoy hundreds of discounts and promotions from various merchants 11. Group account facility to manage expenses within family and friends circle 12. Donate/Participate in walkathons along with your friends

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Emde Emde on 2020-02-26
Useful App, THANKS, BUT it collects PRIVATE-DATA (Running-Apps List, Contacts/PhoneBook, Precise-Location, etc), Violating Privacy-Rights. Stop those violations. Release "Lite" edition. Release SEPARATE PLUGIN-APP for read/load from Contacts/PhoneBook, Precise-Location,etc, & Show Notification to User to load those PLUGINs when a user wants-to use that functionality . Other users/we can manually copy-paste info, when WE want/need. Please respect my/our Privacy-Rights inside my/our phone, Thanks.
Basement Coals on 2020-02-26
it collects RUNNING-APPS-LIST, CONTACTS/PHONEBOOK, LOCATION,etc PRIVATE-DATA, so its VIOLATING PRIVACY-RIGHTS . Stop those . Release "Alipay-Precise-Location", "Alipay-Read-Contacts",etc PLUGIN-app for Users who want app to read/collect those, other Users can COPY-PASTE a Contact-info when USER needs/wants-to . No option to Stop AUTO-START after reboot . No "Lite"-edition to use less resources . When Dev improves it, we'll change review.
S S on 2020-02-26
English in-app is very hit and miss. On the main page the English shows fine however when I try to set up my mi band 4 it goes back to Chinese and I can't understand why. Can you please fix this issue so I can set up payment from my miband.
Russ Moerland on 2020-02-26
Needs more and better translations to other languages. Too much is Chinese-only, which doesn't work if you're trying to gain non-Chinese users. Otherwise okay thus far. Very useful when traveling in mainland China.
Jeremy Soh on 2020-02-26
Worst app ever. Linking of card is not possible. Wepay is so much more easier for a foreigner account. Verification is not working and revert back to confirming via china bank account, always server issue.
Capt. T. on 2020-02-26
Please provide English description for the reason of updates! And maybe some possibilities to chance the used language. Ore the app start to be useless. Minus 10 stars because you ignore foreigners!
Sore Sore on 2020-02-26
Still can't link my bank card. Easy in paypal with Visa or Mastercard with one touch system we can pay everything with only input a number of bank card. Help
Razvan Ion on 2020-02-26
Justa tiny part of it is in English. I have no idea about the usage, was unable to understand more than three quarters of the info, commands or labels
MeMe BigBoy on 2020-02-26
Worst payment app I have ever used half way through a transaction it just went full Chinese on me with no way to translate. Fix this app my God ahah.
MOHD ABDULLAH on 2020-02-26
Ek baat samajh nahi arahi hai ki maine to suna tha ki ye desh me musalno se nafrat karta hai fir is app ka naam musalman per kyu hai

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