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Aug, 2021



Look up Mandarin Chinese words offline using English, Pinyin or Chinese characters (Hanzi) in a clean, intuitive, yet powerful interface. IMPORTANT NOTE: This Pro version includes stroke animations for 839 characters (HSK1-3) only. 8735 more are available via in-app purchase. ALSO NOTE: If you are experiencing issues regarding AnkiDroid integration since AnkiDroid 2.15 update, here is a simple workaround: Main features: ★ Chinese handwriting recognition ★ Hanzi stroke animations (839 free + 8735 via in-app purchase) ★ Audio pronunciation by a native speaker (multi-syllable recordings also available as in-app purchase) ★ Over 5,000 example sentences covering over 5,000 different words If you're not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. We don't want your money if you're not amazingly happy. Cantonese learners: We have a separate app dedicated to your needs: Hanping Cantonese Dictionary Pro version only: ★ Hanzi Stroke Animations (839 free + 8735 via in-app purchase) - single-character headwords auto-animate. For multi-character headwords, use long-press ★ AnkiDroid Flashcards support (bulk export as well as auto-export when a Chinese word is starred/tagged) for studying using Anki flashcards (spaced repetition system) (Xiaomi users, please read: ) ★ Soundboard of Tone Pairs (in-app purchase) for practising all tone-pair combinations ★ Multi-syllable audio of HSK2-5 multi-syllable words (in-app purchase at extra cost) ★ Multi-dictionary support - the superb ABC Chinese-English and ABC English-Chinese dictionaries (in-app purchases at extra cost) ★ Backup/Restore starred/tagged Chinese words, notes and history Other features: ★ Homescreen Widgets ★ Soundboard for practising all single-syllable sounds ★ Pinyin or Zhuyin (Bopomofo) pronunciation ★ Simplified and Traditional characters ★ Clipboard Monitoring notifications ★ One-tap translation of sentences (if Google Translate app installed). Translation can be stored with starred words ★ Voice recognition ★ Word lists: HSK Exam, YCT Exam, Idioms (Chengyu) etc ★ Quickly display word in Skritter, Google Translate etc ★ Import/Export vocabulary to/from text files (variety of formats supported) ★ Vertical Zhuyin ★ Works entirely offline! ★ Quick Settings Tile to toggle clipboard monitoring on/off ★ No ads! * "run on startup" permission required for Clipboard Monitoring "System Startup" option. Please report any bugs or suggestions to us via e-mail.

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