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Dec, 2019



Do you use independent dump trucks on your job sites? Have you ever been in a situation where you need a truck, but can't find one that's available? TRUX is the world's leading provider of on-demand dump truck services. Download the TRUX Contractor app to tap into our massive network of independent truckers and schedule as many trucks as you need in minutes. TRUX connects you with thousands of local truckers instantly. We deal with the trucks so you don't have to. Whether you need a Dump Trailer on the job site or a bunch of Tri Axles to pick up asphalt, TRUX has you covered. We will save you thousands in overtime and overhead associated with construction trucking. How It Works: 1) Open the Get Trucks menu to enter the information about your job. 2) Select what type of trucks you need and how many. 3) Let us know the rate you're willing to pay, and the date and time you need them. That's it! The app handles everything else. Truckers will punch in using the TRUX Driver app when they arrive on the day of the job and punch out when you release them at the end of the day. You can review your past, current, and future truck requests and manage your fleet from the main menu at any time. This app can be used by current TRUX customers or new customers can sign-up and get started after being approved by the TRUX customer success team.

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