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The only free online and offline dictionary and thesaurus with every word you look up. Millions of definitions from the most trusted sources, including: Webster's Dictionary Roget's Thesaurus The American Heritage Dictionary Plus FREE access to: English Offline Dictionary English Offline Thesaurus with synonyms, antonyms, and related words Word of the Day Medical Dictionary English Idioms and Slang Dictionary Translations of English into 40+ languages Dozens of other translation options + Much more! The Free Dictionary is like getting 100+ dictionaries in one user-friendly app. See why we have top ratings after millions of downloads: * Find every word you look up. Clear, precise definitions from the best dictionaries—online and offline dictionary access. * Find synonyms fast. Free Thesaurus with an easy-to-use interface helps you find the perfect word every time. * Learn something new every day. Word of the Day Idiom of the Day + Other daily content * Build your vocabulary. Learn the words you look up. Featuring: Audio pronunciations Example sentences Etymologies + More! * Explore your favorite topics. Multiple specialty dictionaries and encyclopedias: Idioms and Slang dictionary Medical dictionary Legal dictionary Science dictionary Financial dictionary Acronyms and Abbreviations + More! * Play fun word games. Spelling Bee, Hangman, Match Up, and more. * Watch idioms in action. Play idioms videos inside the app! Animated definitions of words and phrases from the idioms and slang dictionary. * Access dictionaries in 13 other languages: Spanish dictionary and thesaurus French dictionary and thesaurus German dictionary and thesaurus Italian dictionary and thesaurus Portuguese dictionary and thesaurus Russian dictionary and thesaurus Chinese dictionary + More! * Translate English into Spanish, French, and 40+ languages. Or translate other languages into English, plus dozens of other translation options. * Access dictionaries and encyclopedias from industry-leading publishers with just one search: McGraw-Hill Houghton Mifflin HarperCollins Random House Cambridge University Press Columbia University Press + More! Here's what makes The Free Dictionary the easiest dictionary app to use: * Define any word in any app. Just highlight the word and "share" with The Free Dictionary app. * Voice search. Look up any word just by saying it. * Look up any word on the page. Just highlight it and tap the search icon. * Save thousands of bookmarks and sync them to any device. * Customize your homepage: Move, add, or remove articles, games, even local weather. * Jump to Definition, Thesaurus, or Translations with one button. * Navigate the app in more than a dozen languages with the multilingual interface. * Adjust font size. * Share your favorite words via social networks, email, or text. * Advanced searches. EXCLUSIVE * Earn meals for hungry children through The Free Dictionary's partnership with the World Food Program—just by using the app! This is not a trial version—you get everything free and forever. Additional offline dictionaries in other languages are available in the Pro version. Sound too good to be true? Read real reviews to see why our users say The Free Dictionary is the best dictionary app they've ever used. * For app developers: The Free Dictionary app can be accessed by other apps with API calls (Contact Farlex for instructions).

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