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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



The ORIGINAL sobriety tool available for members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Every member of AA will find this app very useful yet quite simple to use. • Built for both Phones and Tablets • Completely rebuilt with great, new features, functionality and layout improvements. • Beautiful new icon and app design. • Available for Phones and Tablets! • Collapsible index categories. • Notes with sharing • More Big Book text and categories. • Edit and add your own recovery contacts. • Contact Support for help via email from contacts. • Built in routing to find contact addresses and quick access to Maps app for specific directions. • Improved sobriety length calculations. ------------------------------------- • ANONYMOUS ICON - To protect anonymity, the actual app icon does not show references to AA • SOBRIETY CALCULATOR - View your length of sobriety - Calculate the length of sobriety of all your friends • THE BIG BOOK - Search tool - Read the main 164 pages & more - Read 60+ stories from 1st & 2nd editions - Original forewords - Portrait or Landscape layout for reading - Page numbers for the main 164 pages • PRAYERS - Morning prayer for "on awakening" - Night prayer for "when we retire at night" - Prayers from the steps - Prayer of St. Francis - The Big Book's suggestions on prayer • PROMISES - Extensive gathering of promises throughout the Big Book. - Promises on Experience, Strength and Hope - Promises from the steps and more! • CONTACTS - Reach out to US central offices, areas, districts and answering services. - Map the route to a contact with an address using the device's GPS. - Tap contact buttons to immediately call, e-mail or visit their website. • OPTION TO MOVE APP TO SD CARD • NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED ------------------------------------- Thank you everyone that has downloaded this app! I am grateful for your support! I hope you enjoy this app as a tool in your recovery and others. If you have any comments or concerns please visit ------------------------------------- COPYRIGHT INFO: - Only stories from the 1st and 2nd editions could be included. - The 12 Steps Companion can only be available to US customers. ------------------------------------- *Big Book and Alcoholics Anonymous are registered trademarks of AA World Services. *Please always support AA by purchasing a printed copy from your local central office

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