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Archery Go is a mobile game product under the SOLOX product matrix. Archery has been used for hunting and combat. The word comes from the Latin archero meaning ‘bow’ or ‘arch’. Archery Games are bow and arrow shooting games in which you shoot at moving targets or hunt animals. Wanna improve your habby archero skills without going outdoors, become best archer ever? Play with Archery Go- free archero games now, experience real habby 3D archery clash scene, super addictive archery game. Archers shoot traditional bow and arrow in all major types of archery. Key Features: >Challenge classical PVE arch mode to exercise your bow and arrow control over your arch, >Level up to Archery Adventure Mode, to enjoy super fun of this bow and arrow game, >Join PVP 1-on-1 Archery match mode, play with archer worldwide on Facebook, >Learning which bow and arro is right for you, and correctly choosing your first bow. >Upgrade your Archery, bow and arrows to win every battle. Aim and shoot your arro now towards your target and become bowmasters now with Archery Go. Follow us on: Facebook: Youtube: Tiktok:@ HOT GAMES TUBE

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Michael Espinoza on 2020-02-18
Great time killer, but its frustrating when you play multiplayer rounds and get to the playoffs. Happens fairly frequently for me, like twice a day. It's severely bugged. Second person to shoot wins if they get a bulleyes, no matter if you get a bulleyes first. The cm always reads 0.00 on the second bulleyes, even if the shot was on the outer rim of it. Also, if you shoot first, it could be dead center and you'd get 3cm. Playoffs are bugged for sure. Please fix
Jared Sensenig on 2020-02-18
Physics are off. In the one multiplayer it went to a playoff bc of being tied...the computer player said 0 cm and it want even in the inner circle. I hit the edge of the inner circle and it said 5.56 cm. Lost my coins. Game still has many glitches.
Colin Schafer on 2020-02-18
This is total BS. You took what could have been a 5 star game and because of the ads turned it into a 2 star or less. I will be uninstalling. Its crazy to have to watch 2 and sometimes 3 ads for each time you shoot. Shame on you.
Mandy Gotzu on 2020-02-18
Love this game, I would've gave 5 stars but the last few days I haven't been getting my bonuses!!! I'm glad I haven't paid for it yet cause if they can't fix it, no reason to buy...but other than that fun,additive game....
Craig Dillon on 2020-02-18
This game is rigged. You have to purchase from the store to compete past lvl 30, if you don't buy the upgrades it's pointless to even play. Don't waste your time unless you plan to spend 100$
Julia Harrison on 2020-02-18
Why is it on the game rush I pay £4,000 entry fee I don't even get the £8,000 winnings back get 7.920 so where is the other £80 and it does it every single time that's a bit s*** ain't it
Daniel Krystek aka pawpatrol42 on 2020-02-18
All you need to do is get rid of the pop up on the 3rd level in the hunting area were you have to shoot the burglars With in the countdown Due to that pop up I had retry that level
Barbara Mary Lane on 2020-02-18
lovely archery game. Beautifully presented and would recommend to adults and children alike. I like non animal targets most of all.
Brian Burckhard on 2020-02-18
Fun game. Easy to play. Could lighten up on the ads but the game still moves along at a nice place.
Ron Fontenot on 2020-02-18
Fun game but daily rewards are no longer working. Have emailed telling developers but to no avail.

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