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Apr, 2020



Blackmagic Camera Controller app allows you to seamlessly control your Blackmagic camera, including fast access to recording, setting up exposure, white balance, lens focus and more. Supported Cameras: BMPCC 4K/6K, Ursa Mini, Ursa Min Pro BMPCC 6K CURRENTLY DOES NOT SUPPORT FOCUS CONTROL AND SAFE AREA CONTROL BECAUSE BMD IS YET TO UPDATE IT BLUETOOTH PROTOCOLS FOR IT. Features include: - Start/Stop Recording - Choose Recording codec/formats - ProRes and BRAW - Choose Resolution, Frame-rate, Dynamic Range, Detail Sharpening (in ProRes) - Manage Iris, Shutter and ISO and Auto Exposure (if your lens supports) - Manage White Balance and Tint - Lens Control - Focus and Zoom (if your lens supports) - Play last clip - Manage Camera LCD Frame Guides - Manage Clip/Slate + Project and Lens Information Exciting Features: - Rack Focus - Shutter Angle/Speed suggestions for selected FPS - Single Click to toggle special off speed - 60/75/100/120 - Mobile Rotation - Slate Mode - only Slate settings editable - Customizable Minibar to view and speed click to a particular Setting - Topbar indicators if enabled in camera - Off Speed, Timelapse, Windowed Mode Requirements: Minimum Firmware version 6.2 Bluetooth Enabled on Camera Bluetooth Enabled on Android Mobile Location Enabled on Android Mobile How to use: - Open the App - Pair your Camera - There you go Tested only on: – Blackmagic Pocket 4K camera - version 6.2 Important: - We are not affiliated with Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. - We love Blackmagic Design for their inclusive approach to enhance experience of their awesome products - BMPCC4K Camera is a trademark product of Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd. Privacy: This App does NOT access, store nor transmit any personal information This App does NOT make use of any advertisement frameworks nor user trackers

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