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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Play as Boris the Wolf, the cartoon companion of Bendy, as you hunt throughout the abandoned cartoon studio for the supplies Boris needs to keep going. You’re not alone! The monstrous Ink Demon stalks you at every turn. Beware the sound of his beating heart as he creeps up from behind and catches you in his dripping gaze. No where is safe. Yet secrets lie in wait for those adventurous enough to seek them out. • Outrun the Ink Demon or become his next victim. • Scavenge for supplies and keep yourself on the move. • Carefully watch your stamina and stop to eat every chance you get. • Discover hidden unlockables stashed away in the shadows. • Unveil more of the shadowy backstory of Joey Drew Studios. Will you brave the evil lurking in the studio? Will you conquer this Dark Survival? Boris is counting on you.

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D.J.W on 2020-05-30
This game Is exceptional, especially for a mobile port. The aesthetics of the game aren't hindered by the limitations of mobile gaming and the freelance touchscreen controls make playing the game as smooth as butter. The randomization of levels, various antagonists and story make this game worth it. Best of all is, IT'S ALL UNDER A POUND!!!!THANK YOU, THEMEATLY
troublesome idiot on 2020-05-30
Great game. I have experienced a level when even though I was out in the open bendy wouldn't do anything to me even if he was in front of me or if I was in front of him. I dont know whats going on but it is a great game good use of a dollar. Keep up the good work Joey Drew studios!!!
Erin Brady on 2020-05-30
The new update has caused my game to not even load now... It crashes Everytime I try . Extremely dissapointed. Please fix this issue ASAP. Says the last update was in March?! And there's way to many reviews having the same problem that I have, and nothing's been done yet.. smh
Lillianna Neff on 2020-05-30
Boris is good at hiding in corners of rooms and he's my favorite character. Though I get caught after a while and I usually stay in the mirical stations on day 3 and up. I just love this game and play it and the original game while waiting for Dark Revival
Magma Turn on 2020-05-30
Love the adventure, wish for more random tape alignment overall excellent game, but maybe make them songs more common still haven't got them all. Also what's good? Everything. That's cool that you gave the game more lore to munch on.
RM RI on 2020-05-30
Since its kinda repetitive, you should add some achievements or some twist. If you played a lot you'll understand the feeling of lackness. However im enjoying the Game and interested to finish this.
Mickey Mouse Friends with Aiden on 2020-05-30
I love bendy games I have a lot of bendy toys I'm working on a bendy world in Minecraft with my friend we both love bendy games so please make more of these awsome games also I beat the first game
Alastor Kujo on 2020-05-30
Good game but it dose get repetitive if you find all the hidden items but it is still a good game props for the sound design it really makes it more scary thanks for this good game
MarioRockStar209 on 2020-05-30
I love this game so much and I feel that it really does make sense in the BATIM timeline, especially with the updates to the game. My only real issue is the way you control Boris.
Frank Rustyak on 2020-05-30
Meh. Its just a boring repetitive scavenger hunt with no way of saving your progress. Each time you play you start out at day one. The game never really becomes fun to play.

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