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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Searching for daily classifieds, job ads, yard sales, garage sales, car sales or dating ads? CPlus for Craigslist is exactly what you need. Not only can you search for all types of classified ads but you can also search multiple cities at a time from your mobile. You can customize your profile by marking your favorite ads and postings. Posting to sell can never be so easy. CPlus makes Craigslist easier to use. There are a ton of added features to make browsing, searching and posting on Craigslist, smooth, effective and it is absolutely free. ## Awesome App, Amazing Features ## - Geo-location enables you to automatically find nearby cities. - Multiple city search for ads and classifieds. - Multiple display modes for Search Results: Photo+description view, photo grid view, photo album view, map view and big photo view. - Searches can be saved to start screen and avoid repetition of same searches. - Postings can be saved to your favorite list. Also Add notes to your favorite postings. - Update search in the result page including category, filter and sorting. - Native in-app posting for creating new ads and classifieds to buy, sell, rent products and services. - Renew, edit or repost your ads and manage multiple accounts from your iPhone. - Great mobile optimization for easy readability and functionality. CPlus for Craigslist is a Free to use app! Stay tuned to get updates and constant improvements and new features from us, regularly. Let us know your valuable feedback at [email protected] or show us your support by rating us.

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John Hubertz on 2020-02-23
People we need to support Craigslist until they can Purge the freaks off of here and get the government off our ass so that we can continue to have a social society that does not result in young women being vulnerable and young man needing to go to bars and become drunks just to have fun. If you think that the United States Constitution does not include the right to have friends then you aren't the company that I have enjoyed and loved since I met my dead wife and I and II and 12 14 years ago.
Courtney S. on 2020-02-23
The newest update SUCKS! It has the reply button to get a hold of the OP, yet it goes to a page saying Error 1. Then when clicked again same thing, but it gives you the private email. Yet in the ad it says to only call or text, I don't check my emails at all. WTH did you guys do to this app?
R Scott on 2020-02-23
Edit...below issue seems to have been fixed. I'll tack on a couple more stars. Stopped working recently. Just get "no results" now even when just browsing. Tried reinstalling, same issue. Guess I'll try a different app.
OUR REVIEW: 02.19.2020 A.D.. Ok app I guess however there is nothing sooo special about it as claimed by its developers when newely launched also app does not have auto rotate for tablets devices.
Victor L on 2020-02-23
Update Feb 20. Yes it is working again. When this app works, it works well. Thank you for fixing the issue. Stop working for Canadian site. Emailed developer. Zero response.
Mike Huddleston on 2020-02-23
I'm signed in absolutely nothing shows up in anything I'm looking for, it used to work great, iv deleted app, reinstalled and still nothing... There isn't even a help ootiin
Nue Tevice on 2020-02-23
Craigslist is already a cool website. This app just takes it to the next level. It's easy, fast and gets what you need. I would recommend this app and use it almost everyday
Tanya B on 2020-02-23
It's been over a week and there are still no search results within Canada. When the app was working, it was fantastic, but obviously it is completely unusable now.
Brian Gillies on 2020-02-23
It worked fine untill a few weeks ago. Nothing shows. I've reinstalled the app. Turned wifi on off. Turned data on off. NOTHING. glad i never bought the pro
Thomas Oord on 2020-02-23
Worked great for years ,after last update it can't find anything just keeps saying nothing found.*update it works now. Thanks for the response yanflex!

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