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Don't Leave "G28U0W0" Without it! CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is a machining calculator designed for manufacturing engineers, machinists, CNC operators, tool & die makers, and at home hobbyists. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is great for CNC programmers or machine operators who need to make quick calculations on the fly. It's also a great tool for quoting new work. Visit for more info ⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙⚙ This CNC machining calculator app includes the following features: 1. Turning Calculators for lathe operators *Cutting Speed Calculation by Material *Grooving/Cut off cycle time Calculation *Rough turn cycle time Calculation *Cutting Speed Calculations *Cutting speed to RPM conversions *Feed per rev - Feed per minute conversions 2. Milling Calculators for mill operators *Cutting Speed & Feed Calculation by Material *RPM to Cutting Speed Conversions *Feed per Minute - Feed per tooth Conversions *Radial Chip Thinning Calculation *Metal Removal rate Calculation *Milling cut time Calculation *Circle Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer *Ball Mill Cusp Height Calculation *Ball Mill Effective diameter/Chip Thinning Calculator *Thread Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer 3. Drilling Calculators *Cutting Speed Calculation by material *Cycle time calculation *Drill point Length calculation 4. Gun drilling Calculators *Cutting Speed Calculation by material *Cycle time calculation 5. Thread Calculators 6. True Position Calculators 7. Bolt Pattern Calculators 8. Surface Finish Calculators 9. Drill & Tap charts 10. Thread data for the following threads: * 60° Threads (Pitch Ø, Minor Ø, Major Ø, Helix, Lead, etc.) * NPT Threads * Acme Threads * STI Threads 11. Thread over 3 wire info (Size limits, min, max, & best wire) 12. Center drill dimensions 13. Unit converter 14. Hardness conversions 15. G-codes 16. M-codes 17. Blue Print Geometric Tolerance Descriptors - GD&T 18. SFM calculator for drilling, milling, & turning over 170 materials 19. Tap Drill Calculator for roll form & cut taps 20. Various Geometric calculators 21. Triangle Solver 22. CNC keyway calculator 23. Custom macro variables, logic, arguments, & arithmetic data 24. Machinist Forum 25. Export G-code for internal & external chamfers, tapers, & radii with tool nose comp. 26. Circle segment calculator ( arc calculator ) 27. National Pipe Thread data - NPT threads 28. Material Property Search with machinability info 29. Material Weight Calculator for over 170 materials & 10 shapes 30. Tool Wear section with images helpful info to improve tool life 31. Machinist Test with 6 categories to test your strengths & weaknesses 32. Socket Head Cap Screw hole dimensions 33. Scientific Calculator which includes: * sine (sin) * cosine (cos) * tangent (tan) * arcsine (sin-1) * arccosine (cos-1) * arctangent (tan-1) * square (x²) * cube (x³) * pi (π) * square root (√) * base 10 logarithm (log) * exponential function (ex) * natural logarithm (In). 34. Linear Thermal Expansion Calculator 35. Grinding Calculations * Plunge Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness * Surface Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness * Grinding Wheel Velocity * Work piece Velocity * Work piece RPM to wheel RPM ratio cylindricity error calculator * Wheel Mesh (Grit) size conversion * Equivalent wheel diameter 36. More to come... We're quickly becoming the best engineering calculator on the market Check us out at

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