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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Join the Police of Grimsborough once again to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. Are you ready to prove your detective skills?

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Joan Dupree on 2020-02-27
It is an real good game that you have to help solve murders but the thing I don't like is when you get thru with all the levels and go to the next phase you lose all your teammates .I am just about thru with the conspiracy and the next one is travel in time but it is not available yet when is it coming out some of my teammates were wandering the same thing and they don't like because you lose your teammates and everything else too .
Lori McAnally on 2020-02-27
I'm really disappointed in how they've dropped the cash award at the end of each case from 20k to 2k. They've also dropped the amount your pet is able to find. Now it's almost impossible to get enough money to buy clothes, etc ... not a huge deal as most of the options are ugly af. With previous criminal case apps, I'd play Elite mode to get the outfits, though they were usually disappointing. I don't even bother now.
Virginia Brege on 2020-02-27
I started out playing the original, loved it btw, and came across this one, and so very happy!!! I am only on case 3 and it is holding up to the standard that the CC team started from the very beginning!!!! Way to go! I thought this game of the series was going to be kind of lacking, so very happy I was wrong.
Krystal Freddy on 2020-02-27
It's a good game I like it it helps me think when finding things but I seem to run out energy fast and unfortunately I don't have that many friends play this criminal case game as much as the original crimal case game but besides that I like the game.
rayan hameed on 2020-02-27
guys idk if this will work but you can change your time and the game will give u free energy's and new case will open if u make your time 24 hours later takes only 10 seconds enjoy but idk if it will work on your guy's phone's it works on my
Tanya Anne on 2020-02-27
Love it Just wish you have to zoom in on a picture for you to place an object in the background so when you zoom out all of a sudden the item there wow
Gary C on 2020-02-27
Play this all time on my lunch break which I have 1 hr lunch and at home I have played all criminal case game it take about 10months to finish it
Devendra Kumar Yadav on 2020-02-27
Please solve the problem of energy as it take so much time to refill ,rest all things are great ,nice game . please try to solve problem
doris spivey on 2020-02-27
I just now got done with the conspiracy game I forget what kind y'all guys created next?I wanted to know when y'all guys do another one.
doris spivey on 2020-02-27
I just now got done with the conspiracy game I forget what kind y'all guys created next?I did not get to write it down.

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