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dfndr security is the #1 digital security app, installed over 200 million times around the world. With it, you are protected against scams, fake websites, identity theft, and digital viruses. Download dfndr security for free and have the freedom and security to browse as you wish. Key features of dfndr Security: ✔ Full antivirus protection ✔ Alerts protecting you from scams and fake news sites in real time ✔ Protection against loss or theft of your cell phone ✔ 24-hour monitoring of your digital credentials and personal information ✔ Block your apps and photos from intruders ✔ Privacy risk-check and breach histories on apps you run Protect yourself from identity theft Have 24/7 monitoring of all your digital credentials and receive alerts whenever a leak involving your data or an attempt to access your WhatsApp is detected. Protect your device (and your data) in case of theft With dfndr security, you can locate your phone and trigger an alarm to find it, erase data remotely, block access by intruders, and even receive the criminal's photo by email. Receive alerts of scams, viruses, and malware sites The dfndr security antivirus is able to automatically detect and remove malware and other threats from your phone. Also, you’ll have real-time protection against scams and malware within Messenger, SMS, and browsers. Find out if your apps have compromised privacy Perform periodic checks on all your installed apps. You’ll know if they pose any danger to you. You can also see where your apps send information — presented on a map. Block your photos and apps from intruders Add password protection to your photos, apps and conversations — prevent unauthorized people from accessing sensitive content on your phone. Some functions of dfndr security are only available to subscribers, but you can try all the features of advanced protection for 3 days for free. Join our fight against deceptive advertising PSafe is committed to the online safety and security of our users. Unfortunately, some third parties are illegally using our name and logo to create misleading ad content, such as in the form of “scareware” falsely stating that your device is infected with a virus. PSafe unequivocally denounces these “scareware” tactics. If you receive a suspicious “virus alert” type ad, please take a screenshot of the ad, copy the full browser URL link of the ad or its redirect and email both to: [email protected] We appreciate your support in fighting these malicious practices. How to identify fake virus alert ads: Visit our website: Do not sell my personal information:

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Alyx Mirage on 2020-03-31
I've been busy with web surfing and have used some torrent downloading and caught something that caused my "viberation" settings to go haywire as in not working. When I'm on the road somewhere downtown I get jank! (Volume adjusting like crazy, a weird tapping on apps that open and closing causes more problems, had to turn off internet and wifi but cause still happened). Now, my settings are fixed! My vibe setup is fixed so I can feel my text screen and my alarm clock for work in the morning. Thx
A Google user on 2020-03-31
DFNDR save as cleanliness of very efficient very good the only one problem it's so many to choose from you don't know which one to use is that they are a lot of variety that is a good thing cuz some work better than others don't have a little more features than Elvis some deep clean a little better than others so you have to try one then get rid of it try another one I just keep going until you found one that you really like the best I recommend it to anybody I give it five hundred thousand star
Tyler H. on 2020-03-31
Everything seems fine with the security app. My only few issues with it would be the whole layout. You only have two different types of antivirus app scans but it's like your app puts up too many of the same scans to tap on making it seem like you have more than one antivirus app scan features. the other thing that is really annoying is that the app keeps kicking me off of it. It also kicks me off randomly of other apps as well.
Taylor Scott Jr on 2020-03-31
It's really a thorough app. Does not miss anything This is truley the best anti-virus.I am so impressed with how many thing are included with app. Its like I dont need anymore apps. I am very impressed. I have been using this app for a while and thus far is the best I've used. Great job. Having problems with shutting down apps. Its worked until now.
Malik Lalani on 2020-03-31
Sir I am not getting my mobile rid of monkey virus anything you start on mobile starts some ads of games. So many antivirus I have installed and uninstalled it. I think your anti virus too dont work. Same problem mobile is giving even though it says your mobile is clean and safe. If any solution other than format please??
chrissy jones on 2020-03-31
My yearly payment was made now the app is not working and I no longer have a plan coverage .I have no way of contacting them to get my money back or let them know I've already paid my subscription. The issue was resolved and now there is a place to contact the company and my subscription money was returned
ZoZo ZiZi on 2020-03-31
I got this app 10 years ago and I really don't need it anymore but everytime I try to deactivate it it never works I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING TO GET RID OF IT BUT NOTHING WORKS I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS APP
Katrina Gustafson on 2020-03-31
Another app that wouldn't work on my phone that I also had to uninstall right away and then was also charged for. Be careful when downloading apps. If they aren't free I wouldn't try it out.
Kevin Adams on 2020-03-31
It was very disruptive pop-ups would interfere and start you all over on what you're doing this app was rude he'll just go and give it to China
Vanderley Nunes on 2020-03-31
Uma desgraça que se infiltra nas páginas e impede de você continuar usando o site, pois direciona o tempo todo para instalar esse vírus.

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