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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



Get all the pre-flight info to make sure the skies are in the best possible conditions for your drone flights. Detailed information for weather conditions from a drone perspective. See all data you need for wind, wind altitudes, precipitation, visibility, cloud cover, and how this data changes from hour to hour. Sun information helps you to plan where to capture imagery like during sunrise, sunset and golden hour. It allows you to see exactly where the sun will be. No-Fly Zone Map which gives you a simple indicator letting you know also if the location you are in is safe to fly or not. Local Rules and Restrictions (Not available in all countries. New countries and states are being added continuously.) Do you own and UAV from DJI Mavic, Mavic Air, Mavic Spark, Tello, Phantom, Parrot, Yuneec, 3DR or other brands then this is a must in your app collection. Are you missing any features in this app? Please send your wishes on any features to us.

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