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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace. We bring your cloud content and traditional files together with the tools you love—so you can be organized, stay focused, and get in sync with your team. With all your files organized in one central place, you can safely sync them across all your devices and access them anytime, anywhere. Features like Dropbox Spaces, starred content, offline access, and a doc scanner make collaborating with others simple. Features: • Dropbox Spaces brings context to your work with an overview of folder descriptions, to-dos, and important pinned files. • Work with your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, and Dropbox Paper docs. • Offline access to get to your most important files, even without connectivity. • A document scanner to turn receipts, documents, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs. Sign up now for a Dropbox Plus free trial. You’ll get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage—that’s enough room to save files from all your linked devices. And Dropbox Smart Sync technology can move out-of-date files off your hard drive and to the cloud. You’ll also be able to roll back unwanted changes to any folder, or your entire Dropbox, up to 30 days. Or, existing Plus customers can upgrade to Dropbox Professional. With 3 TB (3,000GB), you can store all your stuff—from work projects to personal photos—and have space to spare. You and your clients can comment on most file types without leaving Dropbox. And you can protect your work with a watermark, add shared link controls, or rewind your account up to 180 days. Before completing payment, you’ll see the plan price. This amount will be charged to your Google Play account and will vary by plan and country. Dropbox subscriptions purchased in app renew monthly or yearly, depending on your plan. To avoid auto-renewal, turn it off in at least 24 hours before your subscription renews. You can turn off auto-renewal anytime time from your Google Play account settings. We’d love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Justin M on 2020-02-21
Forget Google. Forget OneDrive. Dropbox is THE go to cloud storage solution! It'll be even better when they finally get night mode. The best part is the support team. Shout-out to Bret, the real MVP of Dropbox. Not only did he answer all my questions, he became my best friend in the process. They should change the name to Bret box, cause I'm pretty sure he single-handedly created the entire thing. Thanks Dropbox for the storage of all my nud... files. Thank you, Bret, for the storage of my heart
It's ME Again on 2020-02-21
Not at all "cost effective" to USE Their" PAY SERVICE." The "Price" of your Cloud Service is a RIP-OFF!! That is Why your Rating went from a 5 App. to just a Two App. ***DEGOO**** Works just as well as Dropbox but Degoo allows you to "Earn Space" by Watching "Ad Video's." I've earned 309-Gigs of Space To Use in Degoo. I have uploaded 180Gigs & with ZERO ISSUES! Degoos way of providing "Space is Truly SUPERIOR to DROPBOX" Currently!! When are are going to make Dropbox as Good? ☹️..
timtom on 2020-02-21
Horrendous application routinely fails at backing up my cell phone pics. That's the only thing I ask Dropbox to do. It does work for a while then it randomly stops backing up for no apparent reason. And you have no idea that it has decided to stop..... you think your photos are being protected but they are not. NEXT!!!
Jay Hess on 2020-02-21
Constant updates that dont fix glaring issues. Syncing with Camera uploads is bad. Have to do it manually a lot and even then it doesn't work sometimes.
Rick C. on 2020-02-21
I don't know much about this app as I have not really used it much at all. Once, I think. Einmal, Ich denk. Nur einmal.
ARSHI ZAMAN on 2020-02-21
Why this application is not installing, stopped after 70% Even with lots of free storage on this device!!!?
Caroline Joyce on 2020-02-21
Terrible customer service. No way to uninstall payment card details. Had to get on to bank to stop
Ryan Dangelo on 2020-02-21
Pointlessly requires a subscription to have more than 3 devices at a rip off price of $12.99/mo.
Emily Root on 2020-02-21
Canceled my free trial and they are still charging me $11.99 a month and i cant get it stopped.
Olebogeng Tidikwe on 2020-02-21
This app is amazing it brings you everything that is uploaded daily and it gives quality apps.

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