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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



Unleash the full power of the E2 MFG Data Collection app for tablets! Gain transparency into your shop’s manufacturing process with just the click of a button. One of the most powerful features of E2 is the mobile responsiveness, so your team can access the Data Collection app directly from their workstation with just the tablet and a Wi-Fi connection. With this app, the employee can scan to start or stop a job, scan the routing step he or she is working on, enter the work center, and begin getting real-time information. Right from your tablet, you will also have the ability to track set up time and enter pieces good as well as pieces scrapped. Additional benefits include: -Eliminate time cards that may be hard to read, inaccurate, or downright wrong. Now you can pay your team for the exact amount of time they’ve spent in the shop, not the amount that they’ve written on their manual card. -Track employee time in the building and employee time spent on the job so you can maximize productivity and eliminate wasted hours. This app is optimized for tablets. Please use the E2 MFG Employee DC app for mobile devices. This app is specifically for E2 MFG customers using the Data Collection module.

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