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Jan, 2020


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After the Gods disappeared, a world of darkness was left behind. You will undertake a trying journey accompanied by breathtaking music, ELCHRONICLE. ■ Game Introduction ▶ The Return of Classic JRPG A fantastic world where ancient gods, humans, and beastkins live together. The classic JRPG with a lyrical story. ▶ Full Cinematic Video with Voiceover Enjoy the story with a cinematic video that fully voiceovered with the best actors. ▶ MOBA Style Real-time Action! Experience the real action and unique heroes. ▶ Real-time Boss Raid A real-time party play! Defeat the boss with your friends. ▶ The Connect System Beautiful and Strong Heroes. Enhance attraction point and recruit them as comrades. ▶ Crafting System Strong set armors and exclusive weapons Collect materials and craft it yourself. ▶ Huge OpenWorld The adventure to the world! Explore the vast continent of the Balam for hidden requests and treasures. ■ Asking for Permissions For your convenience, the following permissions will be requested. [Compulsory Permission] - Photo, Media, File access : These are used for installation and saving screenshots and running the game. [Optional Permission] - N/A [How to Withdraw Permission] - Android 6.0 or later: General setup > App > Select the App > Permission > Withdraw the Permission - Below Android 6.0: On this version, It's impossible to withdraw the permission. So just delete the App or upgrade your Android OS up to 6.0. ■ SUPPORT E-Mail: [email protected] Facebook: Website:

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